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UK heavy hardcore pack STAMP OUT teasing new EP with 2 heavy bangers – the band shares early 2023 UK hardcore tips

STAMP OUT‘s new EPSwinging Hammer” takes a heavier, more impactful approach that their debut EP “Life Sentence”, and “Frozen Over” was the first track they wrote that really embodies this new sound. The lyrics of the song tackle the societal issues that are currently plaguing the UK, and the band’s unique voice and perspective add an authentic touch to the classic American hardcore-inspired sound. It caught my attention instantly, so we caught up with the band to give you so more details about their craft and, as usual, serve some more recommendations in the process.

Their latest single, “Hear Their Screams,” may be a bit slower, but it still packs a powerful punch and showcases the band’s ability to keep the heavy sound going. With tracks like these, it’s no surprise that their EP is going to be a major hit.

Swinging Hammer” drops this Friday, March 3rd on all streaming platforms. You can listen to “Frozen Over” & “Hear Their Screams” below.

Each member of Stamp Out has been involved with previous projects together. Stamp Out was originally meant to be a powerviolence project with Matt & Jake, but as other members joined a natural formation of what we are today took place.


“The writing process for the new EP felt very progessive and we started to find a sound that felt natural to all of us. We’ve each taken elements from our musical backgrounds and created a culmination of everything we love.” – comments the band.

The previous EP of the band focused entirely on the mental challenges that are faced by people in the world. However, for their upcoming EP, the lead vocalist, Jake, expressed a desire to move away from this theme and tackle a wider range of issues that are present in his life and the lives of those around him.

Best hardcore/metal releases in 2023 so far, by STAMP OUT:

Scalp – Black Tar

In 2020, SCALP made a name for themselves in the underground music scene with their album “Domestic Extremity,” which was highly praised by CVLT NATION and NO ECHO magazines. The Southern California band’s blend of power violence, death metal, hardcore, and sludge left a lasting impression on listeners.

In 2022, SCALP returned to the studio with producer Taylor Young to record their latest album, “Black Tar.” According to guitarist Devan Fuentes, the album reflects his negative experiences with trauma, addiction, psychosis, loss of family members to overdose, personal beliefs, and blasphemy. The album is a dark and unfiltered commentary on the disturbing aspects of humanity that he has witnessed.

Fuentes wanted to replicate these experiences in the most disturbing way possible, and the musicians pushed themselves harder than ever to match the intensity of the subject matter. The album does not offer a story of redemption or recovery, but rather an unfiltered judgement of the world.

Wreckage – Our Time

With Youth Crew riffs, melodic touches, and distinct vocal phrasing, WRECKAGE‘s sound may remind listeners of bands like Fury and Mil-Spec. However, the band brings their own flair to the table with a blend of speed and bounce, adding a healthy dose of melody to the mix. The result is a cohesive record that showcases the band’s unique sound and style.

WRECKAGE hails from a couple of promising young scenes, including their label, Scheme Records, and their geographic area. This combination of influences has allowed the band to carve out their own niche in the music scene and gain recognition for their fresh sound. Their music ties together with a neat bow, thanks in part to the tunefulness that serves as a hallmark of their style.

Pest Control – Don’t Test The Pest

Pest Control is a DIY crossover thrash band from Leeds, UK, formed during lockdown by three friends who share a passion for the music. Influenced by classic thrash bands like Metallica and Testament, as well as crossover bands such as Crumbsuckers and Municipal Waste, Pest Control blends the best of both worlds. They recently recorded an LP with technical proficiency and catchy songs that will satisfy any Crossover Thrash fan. The LP was mastered by Arthur Rizk, who previously worked with Power Trip and Fugitive. With the addition of a permanent second guitarist and upcoming shows with Foreseen, Pest Control is ready to take the European metal scene by storm.

Sanguisugabogg – Homicidal Ecstasy

Sanguisugabogg, Ohio’s most promising and upcoming Death Metal band, has just released their highly anticipated sophomore album “Homicidal Ecstasy”. This new album is a reimagined and more mature Brutal Death Metal explosion that exceeds all expectations, following their critically acclaimed album “Tortured Whole” released in early 2021. “Homicidal Ecstasy” was mixed by Kurt Ballou (known for working with Converge, High on Fire, Nails, Every Time I Die, etc.) and mastered by Multi-Grammy Award Winning Mastering Engineer Alan Douches (known for working with Sepultura, Nile, Thrice, Fleetwood Mac, etc.). The album features unique and ferocious tracks such as ‘Black Market Vasectomy’ and ‘Face Ripped Off’ with a heavy, raw, and fiery vocal performance by Aaron Heard from the band Jesus Piece. Get ready to be blown away by Sanguisugabogg’s technical and brutal Death Metal sound.

STAMP OUT by @foxjphoto

STAMP OUT by @foxjphoto

Best new local acts in the UK, by STAMP OUT:

No Relief

Blood Gutter

Stone Hand

Torrid Horror




UK heavy hardcore pack STAMP OUT teasing new EP with 2 heavy bangers – the band shares early 2023 UK hardcore tips
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