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UK metallic hardcore label Carry The Weight Records is no more! (2009-2017)

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UK metallic hardcore / metalcore label Carry The Weight Records (home for xREPENTENCEx, RENOUNCED, REBIRTH, …) has announced its farewell party at this year’s CTW Fest on December 17th. The label’s founder cited several factors in the decision, including ‘real’ life’ reasons, which are bloody well known for ventures like IDIOTEQ. Carry The Weight, we’re terribly sorry to see you go.

The label shared the following:

“After 8 years of doing the label and 70 releases, Carry The Weight is coming to an end. We (Pat and Tomas) started CTW in 2009 as a way of releasing our own bands at the time, and to try to put out more of what we wanted to see from hardcore in the UK. We have had the privilege of releasing a host of excellent hardcore bands, some of which we have been listening to for over ten years. Between both of our ‘real’ lives getting busier and Pat moving abroad, we felt it wouldn’t be viable to continue the label functioning at the most productive capacity it could be.”

CTW Fest!

We want to thank everyone who has supported us over the last 8 years, whether that be through making an order, coming to a fest, or letting us release your band. The UK has a number of great labels going, support them.”

They’ve also announced that the final CTW Fest will be taking place at the end of the year:

“We will be having the final CTW FEST on December 17th this year. We are just finalising the lineup, and details/tickets will be announced shortly. It’s going to be one to remember!”

GO HERE to see the full discography.

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