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Ukrainian grungy post hardcore rockers FLOODLIGHT share new fresh and invigorating singles – fans of Quicksand, Helmet, listen up!

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Written during the tough times of the ongoing war with Russia, the newest tracks from FLOODLIGHT are direct testament to being caught in a whirlwind of difficult times in Central and Eastern Europe’s history, happening right here before us. “Hatred towards the enemy and a cold mind that allows you to survive and not give up in the hell of war” are two contrary emotions that encompass extreme anger and hope. The band tried to locked both in their new duo of singles and you can hear both of them below.

“Both songs are about the enemy.” – comments the band. “The song “Mud” is about what kind of mud they are, and this mud tries to cover and destroy everything alive on its way. The song is about how this mud attacks you, and how you will deal with this situation. It is a statement about our reality, but at the end, it shows a way out, an outro, that says – even if your hands are tied, it does not mean that you have lost, because the light always defeats the darkness.”

“And the first song “Thurst” is about the rage that one does not feel in the ordinary, peaceful life, but is forced to feel towards the enemy during the war”.


Mud” EP by Floodlight is out now via Neformat Family label. These two songs were inspired by the music of the 90s like Quicksand, Helmet or Handsome.

Despite the war, the group managed to play quite a few live gigs, both in Ukraine and abroad. “Concerts during the war got a new meaning, as each show is now charitable and helps to raise money for important initiatives. And the value of travelling, performing for people and communicating with them has increased”.



Now Floodlight has plans for further releases. With their new 3-track EP already locked for an upcoming release, the band plans to finish recording full length album.




Push away my dreams. Drain away everything.
Eat me alive until I’m down and all defeated.

Cut my consciousness. Kill my eagerness.
Eat me alive until I’m down and all defeated.
Screaming in darkness.

Take my life but you’ll find the killer emptiness inside.
Drag me down. Tie my hands. Face things you’ll never understand.

Noose around my neck. Rope constricts my chest.
Eat me alive until I’m down and all defeated.

Tear my veins away. Get palms off my face.
Leave me no chance but I will rise above your faith
watching your fear inside.

Demise. You’re empty inside.

Hole in the chest. The living dead.
Hatred inside and nothing to spread.
Noose is getting tight. The one last breath.
You just can’t kill what’s inside. Again and again.

The black hole in your eyes. Striving to demise.



Step aside ‘cuz they are falling down.
Their depth of freedom is not the same.
The main reason to get everyone while drowning,
closing eyes and let it all fade.

The flow of rot. Life-taking mud.
Blood-clot of the silence and despair
clouding our sea with tears.

Putting bloody hands in the quicksand
they’re trying to spit the poison of their mind.
Changing liars proceeding to extend
their ugly dreams upon our faith.

The flow of rot. Life-taking mud.
Blood-clot of the silence and despair
clouding our sea with tears.

Warbrain in rust is taking calmness away.
“No one to trust” is a lullaby of their way.
Destructive way.

Fade away and rot in hell
‘cuz life is more than hate.
And tied hands are far away from giving up.

Endless flame of opened eyes
will burn that lie away,
with the warship, the dead ship
laying on the sand.

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