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THE ULTIMATE SCREAMO BAND streaming new record!

Co-released by Désordre Ordonné, Zegema Beach Records, GBS Records and Friendly Otter, the newest record from Mr Guillaume Archambault (aka THE ULTIMATE SCREAMO BAND) generates so much unbridled intensity  that it’s literaly impossible to describe. This has NO breathing-space and it really works. Check out his official word issued in December and unleash this beast now!

So today is the day. Not only is it the ultimate screamo band’s one year anniversary, it’s also the day I officially announce the physical release — the real release — of my first EP, La saison du champignon (english: Mushroom Season), on a stereo lathe cut 7″, limited to sixty copies. I must sincerely thank Nicolas from Désordre Ordonné for all his help and support, as well as Kenny from GBS Records, Olin from Friendly Otter and David of Zegema Beach records; they all participated in this release and you should be able to get a copy from them within the next weeks. I also want to thank Xavier Bourassa, Claudine Benoit-Denault and Élie Chap for their precious contributions to this record, and Alexandre Boucher for accompanying me during the recording. Now that everything is done, I will focus on songwriting, I have some splits projects coming up, so stay tuned, share this news, and be excellent to each other.

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