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UNDER 18 – “Look Inside B.D.G” (2012)

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UNDER 18 – “Look Inside B.D.G” (2012)

under 18

UNDER 18 is a well-known name in a Bandung in Indonesia, and we build a substantial reputation hardcore attitude all over the town, the Indonesian nation and the world.

01. OSHC Till Die Part II
02. Look Inside B.D.G
03. Takan Terganti
04. Story in Greed
05. AKU
06. Keep This Spirit Alive
07. Always Remember / Never Forget A.C.A.B (cover 25 Ta Life)
08. Kini Esok Dan Nanti
09. Always Talk Shit On My Back
10. Overcome (Cover Battery)
11. Bukan Kompetisi
12. Bandung Hardcore
13. You’ve Got


Here’s the official bio:

In 11 years, This 5 angry young kids from BANDUNG City. Try to keep struggle in BANDUNG hardcore scene. YEAH Struggle never end to keep the faith in our root of OLDSKOOL STREET HARDCORE in BCHC. Starting out in midlle 1997 as 15/16-year old kids that wanted to play the music that their NYHC heroes had played in the early days of hardcore, UNDER18 gradually evolved to playing a unique style that is still mostly influenced by the original traditional NY hardcore raw sound such a the Legend WARZONE and LORD RAYBEEZ,and sound is AngryHC, Bandung City SKINHEAD Crew , Fast breaks,honnors attitude and Massive singalongs accompany the personal and tortured lyrics, what proved to move crowds on every show this band has played in a gigs in our hometown. Their brand of fast HARDCORE/PUNK and Oi! is quickly becoming a household name while inspiring kids all across the FLOWER CITY with there song such a BANDUNG BROTHERHOOD talk about relationship friend and unity all over scene and to mosh their bedrooms into disaster area such a brand new song LOYALITAS its talk about loyalist in a HARDCORE SCENE to send a message to the hardcore kid of what a new sound to come and go but our pride never faded to built the STREET HARDCORE/PUNK SCENE !!! and this here we’re the band now has a solid lineup with:.. “TEPENG” EX STINKY MOUTH, “BUDREX” EX HAMSTER, “SEE-ON” EX BURNING ALL SYSTEM & FLIP ON, “JOKO.B.I.G” EX AS ONE, UNITED YOUTH & POINT OF VIEW, and “IEV TENGIK” in BLACK T-SHIRT & EX TENGIK and this angry OSHC kids now will break your heart to bring hardcore in your face keep the spirit hardcore live forever.. and Oi! KEEP THE FAITH….!

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