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UNDER FIRE – “Blackout” video

Derry, NH pop punks UNDER FIRE have debuted a new music video in supprot of their new “Blackout” EP, to be released on January 6. “Blackout” was produced by Chris Curran (Reclaim Studios) and Alan Day (FOUR YEAR STRONG) and the band offered the following on the final product:

“We worked endlessly for months on end to put this together and we couldn’t be any more proud of how it came out. We really hope everyone loves what we created as much as we do.”


I wish you would believe in something
Cause lately every word that comes out of your mouth
Speaks a tale of crippling doubt
Dried out dreams, left out in the sun
Burned to bits
It seems to everyone
That you’re coming undone

You’re blinded
By the sunlight
Afraid to reach for anything
Afraid to be denied
You put your worst foot forward
Hoping no one will see
That there’s no sunlight in me

Sinking further down
So grab my hand
I’m reaching out to pull you into shore
I’ve heard you say it a time or two
in between the lines
of the words you construe
While grumbling and choking on your thoughts
Remembering what you forgot
And nothings even close to what you thought
Remembering what you forgot

You keep disregarding others
Always questioning their purpose
You’re finding faults in syllables
Aimed at you not to harm but to help
Keep on ignoring the ones
Who you know really care
Stop pushing us aside
I’m tired of your blank stares
You’re struggling to find your balance
Struggling to breathe
Struggling to accomplish anything
Something you can achieve

All clouds have silver linings
Even when they pour
Everything will come to pass
if you just weather the storm
All clouds have silver linings
Even when they pour
Everything will come to pass
If you’re not blinded by the sunlight

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