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“Unfinished Sympathy” by MASSIVE ATTACK goes black metal in new vicious cover from UNDERDARK

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In the mist-laden streets of Nottingham, a new symphony of darkness and despair has arisen. Underdark, the heralds of this melodic gloom, are the city’s resident black metallers, known for their chilling riffs and haunting vocalizations.

Today, they embark on a new chapter in their tale, joining forces with Church Road Records, a label held in high esteem in the black metal underworld. Alongside this monumental announcement, they grace their followers with an unexpected, yet undeniably alluring, surprise: a brooding cover of ‘Unfinished Sympathy’, originally by Massive Attack.

Underdark by @fuinxmedia
Underdark by @fuinxmedia

“Our forthcoming album, ‘Managed Decline‘, holds the promise of a quantum leap in our musical journey,” the band divulges, their anticipation echoed in the palpable darkness of their words. “Joining hands with Church Road Records to bring it to life is nothing short of an honor. We have admired their work from the shadows for a long while now, and to finally be a part of their roster is a thrill we eagerly share with you. But before we venture deeper into this new abyss, let us whet your appetite with a somewhat unexpected tune.”

Their rendition of ‘Unfinished Sympathy‘ isn’t a mere tribute but an eerie reimagining, intertwined with their signature black metal style. While seemingly at odds with their familiar terrain, the band sought to challenge themselves during the creation of ‘Managed Decline‘, steering away from their conventional path into uncharted territories.

“The notion of playing someone else’s music can reveal unexpected insights,” they reveal. “‘Unfinished Sympathy‘ appealed to us as it hinges on a central theme and embraces a linear arrangement – a departure from our usual modus operandi. And of course, the sheer novelty of a metal band covering Massive Attack added to the intrigue. It was an attempt to translate an all-time favorite through our somber lens.”

Underdark by @toneartists
Underdark by @toneartists

The cryptic echoes of Underdark’s ‘Unfinished Sympathy’ cover have already begun to reverberate through the black metal landscape, leaving a trail of eager anticipation for ‘Managed Decline‘.

Underdark by @fuinxmedia
Underdark by @fuinxmedia

As we wait in the thickening gloom for more news of this forthcoming opus, one thing is clear: Underdark’s dark tale is just unfolding.

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