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Canadian hardcore pack MILE END strikes hard with new promo EP

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Hailing from the vibrant hardcore terrain of Brampton, Canada, the promising act Mile End arrives with a fervent pledge: to make a meaningful contribution to their city’s bustling hardcore scene. Though their journey as a band has been brief, there’s no denying that Mile End has already started to push the boundaries of conventional modern hardcore.

Their distinct style draws from a rich range of influences, bridging metal undertones with the irresistible rhythm of 90s hardcore.

“Promo 2023”, out now on New Morality label, serves as a testament to the band’s evolution, showcasing the strides they have made in defining their unique sound. The promo includes the previously released tracks ‘Avarice‘ and ‘FCHC‘, supplemented by a fresh intro and a potent new number titled ‘Stay Still‘.

Mile End by @h.irsch
Mile End by @h.irsch

For the hardcore enthusiasts out there, “Lemon Yellow” cassettes of the promo are available in limited quantities through us, as well as through BEST LIFE (our UK/EU store) and NORTHERN SCENE (our Canadian store). Don’t miss the opportunity to enhance your collection with these exclusive cassettes and the latest MILE END merchandise shirt design.


Art and design contributions come from Seth Nielsen, while layout and merch design were crafted by James Carroll. The tracks were recorded and mastered by Davis Maxwell, ensuring the highest sonic quality.

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