UNRESTRAINED premiere new video!

Portland hardcore punks from UNRESTRAINED have inveiled a new video for their track “Ethel Mertz”, off their new LP called “Forward Onto Death”, to be released in May via Trip Machine Laboratories. Watch it below and scroll down to see the details of their upcoming local show with TRIAL!


Dragging this world down
Your mind is a sea of filth
Spreading blind hate around
So proud of the “faith” you’ve found
But your words show a deeper fear
An inability to accept
What you cannot understand
Belittling to get the upper hand
Small minds create big lies
Still you yearn to incite
But who the fuck are you
To judge
What’s acceptable love?
Draw back your tongue
Thy will not done
Draw back your tongue
Thy will not done
Precious sweet breath
Wasted on you
Step back from your
Baseless scripture
No more thrown stones
Your false ideas of illicit love
Cast aspersions from your pulpit
Step back from your baseless scripture
Draw back your tongue

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