AS FRIENDS RUST by Nathaniel Shannon!
AS FRIENDS RUST by Nathaniel Shannon!
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“Up from the Muck” – AS FRIENDS RUST premiere first new song in almost 20 years!

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A little over a year since we sat down with Damien Moyal (aka Damien Done) to talk about AS FRIENDS RUST reunion, the influential Florida hardcore punk band is back with a new single “Up from the Muck“, presented by NoEcho earlier today.

Damien commented: “The song was written to be a hopeful message to everyone struggling to keep up or stay afloat, who may at times feel that they’re alone in their battles against financial, physical or emotional demons. It’s a reminder that, sadly, each of us is at war with something, and regardless of our circumstances or differences, we’re all strangely united in those shared experiences of smallness and vulnerability.

When these lyrics were written a few months ago, life was relatively normal. But today, standing at the dawn of a global pandemic, the song feels even more fitting. Our battles will be amplified in the days and months to come, and it’s absolutely imperative that people, especially in their isolation, know that they’re not facing these feelings or fears alone.

We hope that sending this song into the world (the first new As Friends Rust song in nearly twenty years) will, at least for a moment, inspire some sense of togetherness.”

“Up from the Muck” goes up on all streaming services this Friday, March 27.

Photos used for the video: Charles Engelken, Nathaniel Shannon, Tobi (High Fives Photography) and Alessio Fanciulli Oxilia (via Salad Days Mag).

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