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VAULTED unleash a cavalcade of ferocity on their new record “Distaste”

VAULTED by Reid Haithcock
Two years after their debut EP “Better Days“, Boston metal/hardcore machine VAULTED returns with “Distaste”, the band’s debut full length sure to bore its way straight into the hearts of both metalheads and metallic hardcore enthusiasts! The band thrashes and slashes with whirring machinery across the 10 powerful tracks that comprise the record. “Distaste” takes a serious stab at invigorating the metal/hardcore scene, and we’re thrilled to give you its exclusive first listen below! Check it out and scroll down to see the band’s additional commentary on each and every track!

Digital realease and vinyl preorder are up this Friday June 29th! The band will be touring with SKULLCRACK starting July 3rd for a short run, detailed in the poster below. Check it out and stay tuned for more dates in Midwest and Canada in October!

Album Credits: All songs written & recorded by Vaulted / Backup vocals somewhere on some song by Shane Frisby (The Ghost Inside, Unearth, etc.) / Produced/engineered/mixed by Shane Frisby at The Brick HitHouse / Mastered by Pete Rutcho at The Brick HitHouse / Artwork & layout by Dylan Garrett Smith

The Ones On Top

When we first started writing this album it was around the time of the US elections, and to say it was a dark time was an understatement. After trump was elected I started to have some intense George Orwell 1984 anxiety about the way our country was going, and unfortunately still hasn’t subsided. It’s hard not to get overwhelmed by the society we live in these days in our world but more specifically our country. Political Agendas in the leaders of the highest part of our government lack a moral basis and do things for financial gain.


This was the song we wrote as a band after we decided to start writing a formal full length, and it was at a point in the band we weren’t as active as we are now. The song expresses my frustration of dealing with the closure of a musical chapter in my life that meant a lot to me, but needing to move on and try even harder. The older I get the pressure of career based jobs has always weighed down on me but the beauty in that is realizing the things in life that make you tick. For me personally it was all about finding the equal balance between doing the things I love and working jobs that allow me enough of an income and enough time off to do the things I love.

Life Profit

This song is somewhat difficult to talk about my personal experience but without diving into my friends, family, and our communities’ history with them, this song is about the wave of destruction opiate use causes. We are facing an epidemic with these substances and even more since fentanyl hit the scene. The problem has always been placed on the drug users and people with health challenges are used as a scapegoat but its finally time to shift the blame. The song is a tribute to survivors/victims and a ‘fuck you’ to the industry that shoves them down peoples throats for a profit.

Death Is The End

I have never been a huge fan of religion for reasons I’m sure I don’t need to elaborate. The basis of this song comes from my pain to see people stem their ambitions and hope from religion. The span of time a lifetime means nothing and it’s a shame to see people dictate their lives based on ancient words fearing they wont get into an afterlife their not sure that exists. People break bonds with their own blood over gods they have never met.

VAULTED live by Zana Callahan

VAULTED live by Zana Callahan

Working Class

This song is an accumulation of thoughts my own experiences in the work force and hearing stories my entire life of business owners exploiting their workers. Finding the balance between making money and doing what you actually love is a difficult balance but it continues to get harder. For years in the USA the rent/housing costs, healthcare, general living costs continues to rise without and equal rise in wages for the most disenfranchised portions of the population. Meanwhile the wealth in our country continues to come off the hard work of the least affluent populations. Every story from the 30 year work vet of a company getting laid off for a younger less expensive college grad to the to the worker who gets injured and then fired due to not being able to work yet no health coverage is offered by the employer. All of these are reminders to know my rights as a worker. Ask questions, and don’t let an employer step all over you.

Keep Watching

Well what can I say about this song that every person who has even been near me hasn’t heard. Read the last couple lines in the song and its pretty clear what this song is about. Don’t get me wrong, the left isn’t innocent when it comes to manipulating the media, but FOX News is absolute garbage and has been caught so many times in shady practices. From their anchors reading scripts with false information to their talk show hosts being some of the most racist xenophobic fear mongering garbage people. I can’t repeat myself enough, FUCK FOX NEWS.

Head Above Water

Simple and short this song is about the great things that come with being in a healthy relationship and having a partner you love. I have been with my partner for nearly a decade and its still surprises me how much they can drive me to be the person I want to be.

Nuclear Funeral

Nuclear funerals original inspiration came from the correlation between my parents feelings during the Cuban missile crisis and our recent foreign policy and on nuclear weapons and the fear of an all out war. Upon further explorations of my feeling on the matter I started to have a dark period where I felt that the human race did this to them selves. The way we treat the earth, they way we treat each other, sometimes I feel mother earth would be better without any of us.

Drown Our Fears

These lyrics come from dark times in my life where I feel as if Im already falling in the grave, but just over a lifetime. Life lessons growing up can teach you about everything you will need to know except the day in day out routine of working and trying to excel in life. Its easy to fall into a routine to make you feel good about what you are doing, and in a lot of those circumstances its easy to fall into the hands of things that will make you feel better about it. Whether it be alcohol, drugs, video games, spending money, food its best to find a way to battle the monotony of life than giving your life away.

Heroes Betray

Its very easy in this life to be envious, covetous, or idolize an individual/group due to them being at the pinnacle of their career. Time and time again in my life I have been let down by the people whom I have idolized and it seems as if people try to protect them regardless of their atrocities. In these trying days surrounding yourselves with heroes will only eventually let you down.


VAULTED unleash a cavalcade of ferocity on their new record “Distaste”
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