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Vegan straight edge metalcore band xSERVITUDEx drop vicious debut EP on Rage label

2 months after their debut show in Glasgow (see the video below), new vegan straight edge xSERVITUDEx are back with their debut demo EP called ‘Path to Amnesty’, available digitally and on tapes via UK’s Rage label. Thankfully, bands like this exist to make it easier to cope with the fakeness, hypocrisy and cruelty of the world, and bring back some of the best eras in the history of metallized hardcore in the process. There is something about today’s British and Australian metalcore that just pushes it over the edge. And we love it!

CREDITS: Mixed and Mastered by Ben Brodie / Vocals and bass engineered by Ben Brodie / Guitars engineered by Declan Waters / Drums engineered by Ryan Lothian / Additional vocals on ‘Stained’ by Harrisen Jacques / xSERVITUDEx is: James, Ben, Shaun, Dan, and Ryan.

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