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Vegan straight edge warrior goes wild heavy metal in new hardcore hybrid: THE RULE!

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Tim Rule has been known for his flagship death / black metal infused vegan straight edge one-man act FORWARD TO EDEN, but also his prolific metallic hardcore / 90s metalcore label Bound By Modern Age Records for years, but he has never actually expanded the wings of his solo project THE RULE, mentioned years ago in one of our quick news wrap-ups. This year, he’s finally about to release the first full-length of the hardcore/metal project, and today we’re stoked to give you his new music video for the song “March To The Temple Of Gains”!

Check it out and scroll down to see some more details and Tim’s Top 10 releases to go along with THE RULE style!

The full album comes as a wild, eclectic blend of oi, heavy metal, hardcore and 80s synth pop with lyrics about the straight edge and heavy lifting. The pre-orders for Digital, CDs (from BBMA Records) and Tapes (Nuclear Family, UK) will start on Feb 25th. Vinyl is planned for later this year.

“March To The Temple Of Gains” was written by Tim Rule, with some guest guitars by Rat and Simon Castigator. Backing vocals were contributed by Bart and xCASPAx. The song was mixed and mastered by Bryan Greenberg. Artwork & Logo provided by Simon Erl.

The rULE

An attainment that remains, march to the temple of gains
For aeons they roamed on a journey for strength
On this unrelenting road, a march to the temple of gains
But the journey is not the end, for it is only our warm-up before the real pain begins
There is no destination but to get bigger than any man has ever been before
This is a declaration of the triumph of gains, we need to fuel our bodies and minds, cast-iron will
But the struggle never ends, a creeping fear of protein deficiency
There is no destination but to get bigger than any man has ever been before
We need to fuel our bodies minds (adamant), with arms like tempered steel (iron will)
To surpass all limits (ourselves) and the pump we feel (is unreal)
Better than coming all the time (keep it real)
Shut up and add another plate man (only the pain is real)
Arriving at the massive gates, your eager eyes wandering around the halls
Bygone the hardships you have faced on the march to the temple of gains

The Rule was formed in 2017 by Tim Rule as a fun side-project from Forward To Eden – the same message, but in a more punky/hardcore way.

“With a first rough demo, I got Rat (Statement, Unborn, etc.), whom I had already collaborated with on other projects, interested and so we worked on this together – making it the Oi-Metal HC-Punk bastard project it became.” – comments Tim.

The rULE

“After a second demo and a split release song it became quiet around The Rule – we both had our minds at other projects.” – admits Tim. 

“But then, in the hot summer months of 2021, high on a mountain in the temple of gains, inspiration struck again and in an instant, this new album was born.”

“While the topics may have shifted a bit, the ethics have stayed the same. So, be prepared because The Rule is coming for you!”

The rULE

Tim’s Top 10 Records worth looking into:

Battle Ruins – s/t EP (2010)

Oi Metal HC Punk from members of Magic Circle, Boston Strangler and The Rival Mob. Possibly the number 1 (musical) inspiration for The Rule, haha.

The Ice – Promo Tape (2011)

Metallic old school hardcore with a Keyboard. One of my favorite Ruhrpott Hardcore Bands (the local area were I grew up). Always a blast live. And that Keys just gave the extra wow factor.

Foreseen – Structural Oppression (2013)

Finnish Crossover Hardcore meets Thrash Metal (their Bass player went on to form „Ranger“ after that EP). One of my favorite bands from around the time. Even did some local shows for them and hung out… good memories!

Inherit – The Crushing Wheels Of Samsara (2013)

Another band I was obsessed with for the time being. Members of Pain Runs Deep and Never Again (later went on to play in xRepentancex), melting the barriers between Hardcore and (Heavy)Metal.

Life Of Agony – The River Runs Red (1993)

Crossover metal/hardcore with synths and some really diverse singing styles. A flawless and very influential record in my opinion.

Facedown – Beyond All Horizons (1998)

Oldschool Edge-Metal(core) with synth and pop elements – check song 4 (semper fi) and song 10 (the only one). Granted, I also prefer their „metalcore“ tracks, though these are some really unexpected but catchy tunes!

Now for a completely different genre, which has nothing to do with The Rule:

Panopticon – …And Again Into The Light (2021)

I just put their most recent Album, because they only seem to get better with each release, but seriously: check out any and all of them – been a huuuge fan of them ever since.
A crazy mix of Death-&Black-Metal, riddled with folk, classical and atmospheric synth elements but also some bluegrass & americana – there seems to be nothing in which multi-instrumentalist A. Lunn doesn’t excel.

Agalloch – Pale Folklore (1999)

The masters of mixing melodic black metal with folk and classical (!) elements.
Later also with electronic soundscapes – search for „John Haughm“

Alcest – Spiritual Instinct (2019)

French post-Black Metal, mixed with (self-proclaimed) synthie „dream pop“ (shoegaze)

Violet Cold – Empire Of Love (2021)

Experimental Music from Azerbaijan. Widely Post-Black Metal, but with strong ambient and electro-pop influence. Sometimes even Neo-classical electronic. What makes this new album even more interesting: it claims to be mostly written by AI (and therefore features a bunch of different sample vocals).

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