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VELVET threads New York’s shoegaze scene, stitching seasons into their eerie melodies

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Amidst the neon-lit avenues and the cacophony of the city that never sleeps, there whispers a melody—subtle yet persistent, like the gentle tug of a dream just before waking. Here lies the essence of Velvet, a band that seems to float through the alt-rock shoegaze firmament of New York, leaving a trail of ethereal sound in their wake.

Velvet’s core—Byron and Zack, who twine their voices and strings in a seamless duet, along with the earthy rhythms of Bryce and the percussive punctuation of Matt—craft music that transcends the conventional. They have unfurled a tapestry of ten songs, with the promise of four more to complete their year-long lyrical saga.

In the intimate space between chords and verse, Zack confides the narrative of Memories II,” an EP that maps an emotive journey across seasons. “Autumn” emerges as the heart of this musical odyssey, a favorite of Zack’s, capturing a retrospective clarity. Yet to come, “Winter” and “Spring” will complete this cycle, much anticipated by those who have found solace in their autumnal prelude.


But not all is introspective twilight within Velvet’s repertoire. “Halloween” bursts with the luminous energy of its namesake, a tribute to the ephemeral delight of fall’s final night. It’s a song that revels in the sheer pleasure of existence, a counterpoint to the thoughtful depth that characterizes much of their work.

As they edge toward the release of their first LP in February 2024 with Candlepin Records, Velvet continues to weave their live spell over New York’s venues, their narrative expanding with each chord struck and each chorus sung.

“Memories II” comes out November 11th, 2023.

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