Tides From Nebula, by F. Klimaszewski
Tides From Nebula, by F. Klimaszewski
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Polish post rockers TIDES FROM NEBULA share new song “The Haunting”

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In a recent foray into post-rock, Poland’s own Tides From Nebula have released their latest track, “The Haunting.” The new single harbors an almost mystical quality, striking a balance between uplift and a measured sense of the epic, showcasing the band’s robust form and teasing the high-caliber content of their forthcoming album.

Crafted by the seasoned hands of Tides From Nebula and helmed by Tomasz Stołowski and Maciej Karbowski, “The Haunting” was brought to life at Nebula Studio. The studio, renowned for its association with the band, served as the creative ground for this newest endeavor. Jacek Miłaszewski lent his expertise in the mix and mastering process, ensuring that the single stands as a testament to the band’s enduring vision and sound engineering finesse.

On the Road Again: Tour Dates Announced

The unveiling of “The Haunting” comes hand-in-hand with the announcement of a Poland-wide tour, initiating a buzz among fans that may well predict the group’s return to stages across Europe. The tour is set to kick off on November 10, with tickets available for procurement via the noted ticketing platform Eventim.

The itinerary for Tides From Nebula, coupled with BOKKA, is as follows:

Tides From Nebula, by F. Klimaszewski
Tides From Nebula with BOKKA

– November 10 – Wrocław, Zaklęte Rewiry
– November 12 – Gdynia, Ucho
– November 16 – Katowice, P23
– November 23 – Łódź, Wytwórnia
– November 24 – Szczecin, GOKSiR Przecław
– November 25 – Poznań, CK Zamek
– December 7 – Lublin, Zgrzyt
– December 8 – Warszawa, Progresja
– December 9 – Białystok, Zmiana Klimatu

A Sneak Peek Into The Future

Tides From Nebula, by F. Klimaszewski
Tides From Nebula, by F. Klimaszewski

During a candid Q&A session with fans, Tides From Nebula divulged some key details about their work. Despite not having a complete album ready, the group has been steadily releasing singles since their last full album in 2019. They’ve been diligently working in the studio, “tinkering” away at new material. Fans attending the upcoming tour can anticipate live performances of another new track, further whetting appetites for the next album’s projected release in 2025.

The band intriguingly hinted at a “cool plan” that precludes the possibility of releasing this much-anticipated album in 2024, leaving the details to the imagination and inviting speculation and excitement about what’s in store.

In a move that promises to refresh their sound, Tides From Nebula also announced that the forthcoming tracks would feature a significant electronic influence, marking a progressive evolution in their musical journey. The strategic release of singles ahead of the full album seems to be a deliberate move to stir interest and maintain a connection with their audience while shaping the final product.


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