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VERSE launch pre-orders

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Bridge Nine Records have launched pre-orders for the new VERSE album, “Bitter Clarity, Uncommon Grace”, due out July 17th.

Go here to grab your copy!

Verse The label commented:

Verse’s new album Bitter Clarity, Uncommon Grace is available for pre-order now from the Bridge Nine Store. Three different vinyl colorways are available in package deals, as well as CD and digital formats. Check it out at, and be sure to listen to the new track, “The Selfless of the Earth”, at

After announcing just about two years ago that Verse would disband, the members regrouped in late 2011 and made the decision to give it another go. Upon completion of recording Bitter Clarity, Uncommon Grace, the band headed overseas for a wildly successful appearance at Groezrock festival, with plans to tour Westward and overseas this coming summer.

1- The Selfish of the Earth
2- The Selfless of the Earth
3- The Silver Spoon and the Empty Plate
4- Setting Fire to the Bridges We Cross
5- Segue One
6- You and I Are the Fortunate Ones
7- The End of All Light
8- The Relevance of Our Disconnect
9- Segue Two
10- Oceanic Tendencies
11- Finding A Way Out When There Is No Way
12- Segue Three
13- The End of All Life

VERSE – “The Selfless of the Earth “:

“The Selfish of the earth”:

“Setting fire to the bridges we cross”:

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