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VERSE stream new song!

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VERSE are streaming their new song called “The Silver Spoon and The Empty Plate”. Taken from their upcoming album “Bitter Clarity, Uncommon Grace” (available on July 17th) is waiting for you at this location.


Check out the lyrics below:

Retrospectively speaking, we are not cut from the same cloth. This goes against every argument she would try to make to justify the relationships of the people in this world. We are the epitome of monetary wealth. We are also the definition of the bottom of the barrel. We speak both the language of the rich and the poor because we are, in many ways, one and the same. The great divide we face is compassion for the book we judged by its cover (Her favorite book was a Hinton novel where the down and out kids win and Darry gives up everything to care for his brothers). This was truly something to help identify with the immediate environment she was facing. Printed words of inspiration became her unconditional lover. Stories in black and white helped shape some form of relating to something… someone… anything… everything… nothing.

The beginning of class struggle as a concept in the mind: the empowerment that stripped us of all ignorance in the shortest amount of time.

This will keep our own guns pointed at our heads as we fight to survive.

An anger so crippling, a truth as real as the children murdered in wars waged by the wealthy to protect their money and tight stranglehold on every continent. She hated authority of all kinds. “Police are pigs, justice is blind, greedy men in suits only serve to divide.” An aspect of our lives that violently connects in our minds and the unwavering war that, will never subside.

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