A video interview with Charles from SPIRITS (ex-TEST OF TIME)

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SPIRITS is a relatively new Boston straight edge hardcore band consisted of members of TEST OF TIME. I am super proud to give you my latest video interview with the band’s guitarist Charles, who turned out to be a great guy with lots of cool information on the band, hardcore scene, and all kind of different stuff. Be elevated by the amazing sound of SPIRITS’ latest EP and watch the full interview below.

SPIRITS released a split 7″ with New Hampshire’s GET A GRIP on Speedowax Records, a Halloween track, and a self-titled 7”, released on clear green vinyl w/ black splatter on Coin Toss Records. The band is about to announce their second European tour as well as details about their first LP called ‘Discontent’.

SPIRITS straight edge

Hey Charles! As you may or may not know, Karol is a Polish version of the name Charles, so we’re practically we are namesakes. So… How are you, Karol? How is winter treating you and the rest of Bostonians this year? :)

You are known as a post-TEST OF TIME band, but there are a bunch of other bands associated with SPIRITS, right? Please tell us more about your background and previous / other projects. Who is who and how did you decide to join your forces and act to save humanity with this new power pack?

Forgive me my directness, but being concerned after reading some comments on the TEST OF TIME / SPIRITS transition, I’d like to ask you something. Why did you decide to stick to your previous Facebook page and pretend to the same band with a new name while you actually started a completely new squad? How do you see these two bands relating to each other?

How important are the vegan and straight edge foundations for the band? What role does this particular way of life play in your scene existence?

As older guys, do you find it harder to relate to the current hardcore scene and its ideals?

Back to the band. Your first release was a split with Vermont hardcore punks from GET A GRIP. What’s the story of this partnership? How did you team up with Speedowax label for this record?

SPIRITS record

Your current focus is for your new 7’’, to be released on Coin Toss Records. Are you satisfied with the final result? Tell us more about the creative process for these songs and your cooperation with Coin Toss.

Is there a core concept for the record? In the recent premiere of “Kill This Sound” you dropped a nice short description based on your fathers’ passion. Can you expound more on that? Do you mind sharing more interesting stories and lyrics inspirations?

Recording wise, what are your next steps?

How do you feel about the current distribution means and ideas introduced in this modern digital era we’re living? How has it changed the way punk bands operate these days?

SPIRITS vinyl discs

How about travelling? Compared to the 80s and the90s, do you think it’s easier to travel and play more international shows?

By the way touring, how was your last Summer’s European trek? I couldn’t make it to Fluff in 2014, but I’ve heard a lot of great opinions about that edition. Shoot me your reviews of the fest and the whole tour.

Haha, nice one. Ok, Charles. Since your arm got denuded, I just have to ask you about your tattoos. When did you start getting them?

How many tattoos do you have now?

Do you think tattoos need to have a special meaning or can they be just aesthetic? What’s you approach?

Ok Charles. I’m not gonna bother you with more questions – you’ve been brave enough, haha! :) Thank you so much for taking some time with IDIOTEQ. It was really great to hear and see you. Feel free to add anything you like and take care my man!

SPIRITS Facebook
SPIRITS Bandcamp

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