VIOLENT ANSWER by Stanisław Mikołajczak
VIOLENT ANSWER by Stanisław Mikołajczak
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VIOLENT ANSWER: new metalcore act blasts out with impressive debut track “No One to Follow”

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Impressively condensed to 4 minutes, VIOLENT ANSWER’s thrilling debut single “No One to Follow” packs a plethora of sonic punches into the  compact running time, exploding from the speakers and sounding absolutely great, and standing as one of the most sinisterly melodic debuts in recent memory. Mixing metalcore with hardcore, deathcore, and groove metal vibes, the quintet promises an extremely accomplished debut EP, and it’s simply hard to miss! Listen for yourself!

Mixed & Mastered by Lance Prenc (Alpha Wolf, Dealer, Void of Vision, Polaris). Artwork by Maciej Dobek. Violent Answer is Marcin Werner, Filip Szuba, Karol Gemborowski, Maksym Kulej & Aleksander Czurko.

Formed in 2019 in Poznań, Poland, VIOLENT ANSWER delivers a wild mixture of extreme hardcore and metal genres, spiced up with high, rap-infused, screaming vocals (think Stray From The Path), heavy hardcore riffs and complex compositions which consist of various usage of breakdowns, blastbeats and sudden tempo changes. Their first high-energy single “No One to Follow” was released in September 2020 and features guest vocals Bartosz Jankowski of My Piece of Asylum. 

Founded by guitarist Filip Szuba and drummer Karol Gemborowski while they were still playing in their ex band It Follows, the band was joined by vocalist Marcin Werner known from his solo Melodic-Deathcore project Shallow Retrospection, rhythmic guitarist Maksym Kulej, and bassist Aleksander Czurko from Polish Tech-Deathcore band Heresy Denied. 

Asked about the state of their local metalcore / hardcore scene amidst pandemic, the band commented: “Our local Polish core scene currently is frozen due to COVID-19 pandemic. Bands try to announce future shows just to cancel them few months later because of still changing situation and restrictions.”

Currently Violent Answer is fully focused on premiere of their upcoming self titled EP, and new music videos that comes with that, but live acts are nowhere in sight. “This kind of situation requires from local-core scene listeners all support that they can give and it applies to all outstanding Polish underground bands.” – they continue.

“For those who liked Violent Answer and want to deep dive into world of Polish Core. Band recommends many Polish groups from those who paved the path such as Frontside, Materia to Metalcore/djent acts like Protect This City, Netherless, Mentally Blind, Fleshcold, Lincz, My Own Abyss, IAMONE, Pale Path, Last Penance to the heavier/deathcore ones such as: Heresy Denied, Demeted or Sewer Dwellers.”

VIOLENT ANSWER by Stanisław Mikołajczak
VIOLENT ANSWER by Stanisław Mikołajczak


You think you got a worldly wisdom, but you ain’t know a thing
You’re just a pussy in a corner pulling string after string
This song is not about the clowns, but i guess it’s still about one
Said you doesn’t cry that often, bitch now it’s the fucking time

All your words, all the judgments, those went all in vain
You think you broke free from us, but you just loosened our chain

How many other people will you push aside if you just can’t stand the fact that we have used to criticize
Talking shit about the man that brought you only pain, bitch you don’t know what’s comin till you cross with me
Said you got a smart conclusion from the journey we had, may I suggest you one? no one is giving a shit

You’re still a fucking rat that never got out of cage
You are not who you think you are, that’s why you won’t handle with me
(you punk…)

Listen to us carefully and try to follow it, You’re not a piece of art, you’re just the piece of shit
We may have never deserved to be your fucking friends, but still I think it would be best for us if we had never met

Can you hear me? Can`t you see through? Can you hear us? You’re just a cunt noone betrayed you
Painting yourself as the victim just to cover up the truth
You are such an easy target, I can see right through

You think you got a worldly wisdom but you ain’t know a thing
You’re just a pussy in a corner pulling string after string
Don’t say a word about people, you’re worse than all of them, motherfucker, “hypocrite” should be your middle name

You said your lines didn’t have to be personal, I now assure you that those are

Called me by a lack of talent, now I’m calling you out
I know you were looking down on me cause you’re a frightened cunt
Took my last piece of asylum because of a wrong decision
You have tied my vision

If you`re so picky about friends, they may go out of stock
Glad you found at least one toady that acts as your swiss clock
Pretending to be antichrist, you think it makes you cool
Go and look at your lap dog boy, he was praying to a fool

Mixing hardcore with grunge turned out nothing but a blunder
This shit died back with your idol let me handle you a plunger
If you`re matching his style, besides buying the dye I think that quitting the game seems like it’s worth of try

I have showed you horror that will follow you for a more than month or two

Try to speak about the hate…
Things you said about the rape…
You fucking psychopath

We don’t care about your views, but I won’t let you off this way
Even if you’ll slander me in public, I will keep it all the same till end
We are not your puppets, but anyway you couldn’t be our master
These knots weren’t loosen up with love, this is our violent answer

Karol Kamiński

DIY rock music enthusiast and web-zine publisher from Warsaw, Poland. Supporting DIY ethics, local artists and promoting hardcore punk, rock, post rock and alternative music of all kinds via IDIOTEQ online channels.
Contact via [email protected]

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