The violent impact – an interview with screamo band UBIQUITY!

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Influenced by some of the greatest screamo and emoviolence bands like ORCHID, DANSE MACABRE and SED NON SATIATA, Cagliari band UBIQUITY has recently released their debut record called Quiet In Hopelessness (distributed through Screamore and Dingleberry Records & Distribution) and we are stoked to give you a proper introductory feature on this amazing, passionate band. Their debut effort tenderly invites you nearer and nearer, allowing the sadness to express itself in a unique way and serving a harsh, violent blast of insanity. It stands as both a fascinating sonic direction, and a heartbreaking memoir of some of the band’s uncensored observations and experiences. Check it out below and read out full interview below.

UBIQUITY is Alessio (bass/voice), Michele (guitar/voice), Leonardo (guitar), and Marco (drums/voice). “Quiet In Hopelessness” was recorded & mixed by Francesco Veroni @ Sound Station Studios and mastered by the one and only Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios.

Cover by Francesco Curreli

Hey guys! Thanks a lot for taking some time to introduce UBIQUITY! Are you guys new artists breaking into the field of hardcore / screamo? Please drop us a couple of lines on your background and experience.

Hi! Here everyone had different experiences except for Alessio, our bassist, this is his first band! Michele and Marco played in IKARI and now are playing in IL MARE DI ROSS, Leonardo instead played in a deathcore band called RETURN TO TRAGEDY ad now plays in GOR MORGUL, a blackened death metal band.

How thriving is today’s independent punk ‘scene’ in Cagliari?

Ouh there aren’t so much bands, but those we have usually create great movement. Someone like RISE AFTER DEFEAT or MY OWN PRISON play HC, PADRINI plays rad skate punk. There are also a lot of cover bands that play the greatest tracks from the immortals RAMONES or MISFITS. The interest is always very high, people like to go to gigs and often I see new faces.

Do you mind sharing some noteworthy names of bands, labels, bookers and more supporters of DIY art from your area?

There are the bands previously mentioned but also CHEN, AMESUA, CORRELAZIONE QUANTISTICA, THREESOME, VILMA, TESTED TO DESTRUCTION, DESERT EAGLE, LIE FOR A SECRET, AD VITAM or ACTS OF TRAGEDY. I don’t know so much about the labels, the only one that comes to mind is Strikedown.

Ok, so let’s talk a bit about your debut record, “Quiet In Hopelessness”. Who inspired you to write these particular tracks and, judging by the first song, spice them up with lyrics taking as their most prominent subject matter an aspect of ache and sorrow?

Instrumentally our biggest inspirations are absolutely DANSE MACABRE, ORCHID, RAEIN, COMA REGALIA, SED NON SATIATA, FUNERAL DINER and some Swedish screamo like VIA FONDO or VI SOM ALSKADE VARANDRA SA MYCKET. We think that the guitars have the difficult job to mirror what the lyrics say, always something about death, love, depression and the trouble to be ourselves.

Can you talk a bit more about the idea behind the disturbing video for “Kronol”?

Michele was home alone, bored and without cigarettes. Random had the idea to take a frame from BRONENOSETS POTYOMKIN and mashup one of our songs. We didn’t know anything until we saw it on Youtube. Lol.

I really like your idea for blending raw elements mostly known from screamo bands with some quality progressive approach. When working on a piece, what’s your process like?

Usually when we have rehearsals one of us propose a draft of what he has in mind, the rest is improvisation. Then after a lot of times we play the song we do a sort of scheme and we fix details. It’s a bit stupid but if we approach in a more “scientific” way, we’ll lose all the feeling.


How important for you are various benchmarks and inspirations? Also, art-wise, what do you think has had the greatest impact on your work and view on artistic creativity and identity so far?

A lot! Artistically we have also some black metal and melodic hardcore influence, you can see the first one in Kronol’s video and the second in the cover art. We think that in a genre and in an album like this violence has the greatest impact, we think it represents the violence of the feel when hits you.

Are you happy with the final result and how the whole release process?

Absolutely yes! But we didn’t have done it without our friends, they dispensed us a lot of good tips.

How did you team up with Dingleberry Records and Distribution and Screamore for this release?

Screamore is runned by Michele (our guitarist) and other four guys, Tim from Dingleberry is a friend of Michele so it wasn’t so difficult.


For touring, I’ve always believed that being on the road and playing as much gigs as possible is one half of what makes hard working and thriving punk band. Is it the same for you guys? How many shows have you played so far and what are your plans for performing live?

We think that play shows is important, especially for a new band, but make too many all at once is counterproductive because with an elevated rhythm of gigs they slowly become empty, also for this from when we released our album stream we played just one time.

Thanks so much for your time. Feel free to add anything you like and take care!

We would like to thank our friends David, Tarquin, Francesco, Tim, Davide, Marco and you for this awesome interview!

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