VIVIENNE debut with Yurei, a great EP in the sign of Japanese mythology
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VIVIENNE introduce a potent metaphor about human existence Japanese mythology on their new EP “Yurei”

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Young multi-faceted Italian quartet VIVIENNE have just shared their impressive debut EP “Yurei”, a synthesis of 6 tracks blending many different influences, including screamo, post-hardcore and post punk, resulting in a deep, energetic, and poetic offering that lures you through a maze that twists and turns that will keep you psyched throughout the entire listen.

“Yureis are ghosts in Japanese mythology. They are the souls of the dead, incapable of leaving the Earth and joining their ancestors in the afterlife. The soul becomes Yurei because of a sudden death or because it’s detained on Earth by strong emotions. It can haunt an object, a place or a person and it can be released only after the emotional conflict that keeps it hooked to our dimension has been resolved.”

“Each track is about a different kind of Yurei, each of them has a torment of their own, which is the reason why they manifest.
We chose to write our lyrics in the light of this theme to talk about the main “evils” afflicting the human condition; each everyone of us has their Yurei or Yureis inside.”

“Yurei” is out now via Epidemic Records and Scatti Vorticosi.

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