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Virginia post rock veterans GIFTS FROM ENOLA celebrate the 10th anniversary of their debut record

Harrisonburg, Virginia’s GIFTS FROM ENOLA, an instrumental post rock band that deserved so much more recognition, released their first album Loyal Eyes Betrayed the Mind exactly 10 years ago. To celebrate the anniversary, they have decided to release the full stream of the offering online. ‘Loyal Eyes Betrayed The Mind’ is a hell of an engaging, almost poetic experience that takes you for an exciting trip through many different moods and genres. Listen for yourself.

Photo by Erin Kling.

The band issued the following statement:

Today marks 10 years since we released our 1st album, “Loyal Eyes Betrayed The Mind”. We’re not going to sugar coat it; this album is really cringe-y for us to listen to, but at the same time it brings back some exciting memories of, “Oh shit! We might be on to something..let’s keep doing this.” It’s basically a collection of demos that we recorded in GarageBand throughout our freshmen year in college under Nate’s dorm room loft bed. We loosely tied the songs together with some swooshy noises and samples of us walking around campus with a 4-track recorder and a solid buzz of some sort, and then called it an album. We were always hesitant to put it back online with the rest of our albums since it felt more like a demo, but in celebration of the 10-year mark we’ve put it up on BandCamp for everyone to hear; imperfections and all. If you’ve never heard it – you can now get a feel for our sloppy, but ambitious beginnings. If you have heard it – press play and take a nice leisurely stroll down MySpace Memory Lane.

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