VOIVOD release a tab book for “Killing Technology”

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VOIVOD just released a music book for their classic 1987 album “Killing Technology”, containing guitar and bass transcriptions with tabs transcribed by current their guitarist Daniel “Chewy” Mongrain.

You can order a copy of the book at this location. Also available at the “Iron Gang Factory” is a tab book for their 1988 follow-up “Dimension Hatröss“, which was announced last April.

Here’s the official description:

Guitar and bass transcription of the 3th album of the band, Killing Technology(1987), by Chewy himself.

Voivod’s third release, Killing Technology, still has elements of the band’s early extreme metal sound, but they show hints of things to come — namely, more mature and interesting songwriting. Killing Technology songs All you have to do is listen to the beginning of the appropriately titled “Tornado” to hear the young metal band grind and thrash with the best the ’80s had to offer. There are several tracks that stretch past the six-minute mark (the opening title track, “Forgotten in Space,” and “This Is Not an Exercise”), but Voivod knows how to hold interest during these extended pieces. The group is comprised of excellent musicians who have no problem whatsoever with the challenging song structures and odd time signatures that arise on Killing Technology. One of the band’s all-time classics, “Ravenous Medicine,” resides on this album, which makes it an essential purchase for Voivod fans.



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