VOIVOD singer doesn’t rule out releasing more recordings featuring their late guitarist

VOIVOD singer Denis “Snake” Belanger recently spoke to Russia’s about the possibility of releasing more recordings that were done by their original guitarist Denis “Piggy” D’Amour before he died of colon cancer in 2005.

He states:

There’s a few, but we want to keep it a bit private, for now at least. We still have those recordings I was talking to you about, him on the acoustic guitar, but we did two records with him on them after he left us, and we wanted to take a break, let him rest somehow. There’s a couple of things we could release one day, but it’s a touchy thing at this point.

Piggy‘s final recordings can be heard on VOIVOD‘s previous two albums “Katorz” (2006) and “Infini” (2009).

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