Baltimore straight edge hardcore band WARXGAMES and Massachusetts’ hardcore pack CAUGHT IN A CROWD have joined React! Records!

Here’s the official announcement:

Continuing the unprecedented current trend of incredible Baltimore Straight Edge bands is WARXGAMES, a hard, heavy, fast as fuck, no bullshit hardcore band. Featuring members from all corners of the punk and hardcore universe, WARXGAMES takes parts and pieces of Mindset, Deep Sleep, Oak, Ruiner and The Pist and boils them down to their most powerful element: STRAIGHT EDGE. Catch them on the East Coast playing shows with Youth of Today and Pig Destroyer in the same weekend, and you might get an idea of where this band is coming from. For us, it brings to mind images of The Abused fucking Black Flag in a Baltimore back alley. If that’s not enough to make you check out a band, I don’t know what is. We’re going to be starting production on this record immediately, so expect as many machine gun blast songs as we can cram onto a 7″ coming soon.

Check out tracks from their self-release tape here: And check them out opening up Edge Day in Philadelphia!

From the first time we saw CAUGHT IN A CROWD blow up a tiny college apartment in Rhode Island, we knew that this was the kind of band we wanted to support. Urgent, sincere and inspiring are a few choice words that come to mind when we think of CIAC, which we do often! Since then we’ve gotten to know this wild young crew quite well and couldn’t imagine a better band to be carrying the REACT! Records banner. Holding it down in Cape Cod, CIAC is the next generation of East Coast Straight Edge, we’re just lucky enough to be getting in on the ground floor. Pulling strong influence from the youth crew but also representing the edge and intensity of Massachusetts Hardcore past and present, CAUGHT IN A CROWD is a force to be reckon with.

With a newly released 7″ ep “You’ve Lost” on CAMP Records, CAUGHT IN A CROWD has already begun compiling material for their REACT! debut. Check out “You’ve Lost” here:

Stay tuned for more information regarding their forthcoming 7″!

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