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What Do You Need to Broadcast a Concert?

Photo by Wendy Wei
We often hear tales about how individuals have turned their attention away from television and onto the internet. We can even observe that in only a year, live stream viewership increased by 99 percent. Despite the success of this notion, it would be a major error to believe that television is not as fashionable as it was years back.

It would be more accurate to say that these developments have caused television stations to become more imaginative. For a number of reasons, people continue to watch television.

It may be a matter of habit for some, but the majority of people still prefer television over the internet. Despite the fact that we can also watch TV series on Hulu, Netflix and other streaming services.

Even yet, many of them have no idea how difficult it is to stream a live show on television. This procedure is made possible by a variety of elements.

As a result, we’d like to give you a tutorial on how to broadcast a live event on television. Let’s have a look at the prerequisites.

A Strategy for Shooting

Shooting live performances, as we’ve previously said, may be difficult. The best approach to manage things is to plan adequately since you need total control over the procedures. The more time spent in advanced planning, the more effective the procedure will be.

To do so, you’ll need to devise a shooting strategy. You will always grasp what you have to do if you do this. Making a shooting strategy includes deciding on camera coordination, which is particularly important when there are more than two of them.

Your first objective is to cover every element of the event. As a result, showing everything from the performers on stage to the crowd will give viewers a sense of the event’s ambience. With a thorough preparation plan in place, the odds of getting it wrong that would spoil the experience are little to none.

High-End Technology

Not every event that you livestream will go off without a hitch. Some will be as seamless as possible, while on the other hand, others will confront you with a challenge. high-quality and top-notch equipment to avoid this from occurring. In addition, having extras of everything is a necessary.

As you may expect, saying it is much simpler than doing it. You may rent all of this equipment if you don’t have the funds to purchase it.

One of the things you cannot go without is a 4K OB truck. So, what is a 4K OB truck, and what are its benefits? We are certain that with help of it, you will avoid any possible complications during the broadcast, no matter how complicated the concert for broadcasting is.

We’re not just talking about cameras and lenses here. It’s also essential to carry extra batteries, cords, and just about any other device you’ll need.

These products are cheap, and it is fairly usual for people to overlook them. As a result, keep them in mind while purchasing extra things.

Photo by Maxim Tolchinskiy

Photo by Maxim Tolchinskiy

AV Personnel You Can Trust

It’s not enough to have good audiovisual equipment if your personnel isn’t up to the task. Having a dependable audiovisual team is critical to the success of this operation.

We may often observe that the broadcast contains both high-quality and low-quality audio. You should have dependable colleagues to avoid this imbalance.

Signal Gathering

After you’ve recorded the material, you’ll need to send it to a site where it will be encrypted. There are a few different ways to choose from. Nonetheless, the one you choose should be based on the occasion you are attempting to broadcast.

The first method involves using a satellite. A phone bridge is the second item on the list. The third option is to transmit data through the internet. Naturally, this is not a task for which you should be responsible.

However, you are the one in charge of creating the material and sending it through the means chosen by the television station.


The next step is content-encoding, which is done after collecting the signal in one of the techniques we outlined before. To put it as simply as possible, this is a technique in which material is converted into a format that allows it to be distributed.

You’ll need an encoder to complete this conversion. This is a piece of gear that digitally converts the signal for people who don’t know. The secret is to pick the format into which you’ll convert it. We’re talking about an element without which the procedure would be impossible to complete.

The Disbursement

After the concert footage has been through all of the above stages, it is ready to be released. This is what we’re talking about when we say “delivery.” Many people are unaware that this is the most difficult portion of the broadcasting business, even though it is crucial. For example, there are numerous instances when TV stations pay to broadcast an event but do not utilize the material for a variety of reasons. In any event, transmission is the last and most important step in this process.


Understanding the complexities of broadcasting isn’t something that we can call simple. You may look at the most important aspects of this procedure and how to manage them here. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to avoid any possible blunders throughout the process.

Photo by Donald Tong

Photo by Donald Tong

What Do You Need to Broadcast a Concert?
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