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When it rains it pours, and hyper pop / pop punk act BROADWING is brewing up a storm with their new single ‘This Year’

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After renting a skate park, taking a ferry out to an island to an abandoned WW2 bunker in Maine to break things, BROADWING, a ridiculously catchy, power duo based out of Portland, ME are pleased to give you their newest power single called “This Year”, coming out with the official music video above!

Blending alt rock and hyper pop genres, the new single comes as a follow up to the released ‘I DNT WNT 2 B ANYONE’ and proves the band to be flying high on its momentum into our next stormy singles.

This Year‘ is the anthemic pop punk lockdown song that we needed. Singing of wasted youth and growing pains of adulthood and filled with the excitement of getting out to see friends and family for the first time in a long time. Blending pop punk with emo, trap and hyper pop and mixing the highs, the lows, the smoke, and the booze, the song is both quirky and humorous, yet blunt and full of hard truths and even harder hitting drums. While not every year can be your year, This Year surely is Broadwing’s.

This Year is our official lock down song finally coming out now and talks to extreme polarizing feelings coming from that time in our lives and the reflection we had nodding to nostalgia in the song too.” – comments the band.

“The song talks bluntly to the feelings of being cooped up and wanting to get out with friends you haven’t seen in awhile to raise hell and doing anything and everything when we finally got to. As extroverts the lockdown times were really energy sucking on our heads and we probably got a little to into substances to cope which is depicted in the music video through over exaggeration. We wanted to highlight our pop punk past with our modern influences so there is always a dance between classic pop punk vibes with rap, trap, and pop elements throughout.”


“The chorus bringing in simple lyrics “I’ve got holes inside of my head” and “I’ve got dreams they’re already dead” speaks plainly to having lots of compartments in our mind that we can bury ambitions in and the rap sections speaks to strong depressive swings from the super highs and the super lows we experienced. Overall This Year is meant to be a positive song speaking to the excitement getting to see loved ones again and reminisce in old memories but shows the reality of battles with substance abuse and depression that many have and are facing. We hope this song can being motivating to those with those battles to know they aren’t alone and that there’s happy times to come and to look back on.”


“We chose to shoot the music video for this in a skate park because we both grew up skating around our small towns with friends and missed that feeling when we weren’t near anyone. Anyone who formed their music taste from the sound tracks of Tony Hawk Pro Skater get’s where we are coming from. Scenes of us smashing the guitar and skateboard were shot on an island off the coast of our home town Portland, ME in an abandoned WW2 bunker which many Mainers will know by site. We felt like the abandoned, graffiti covered walls would help us depict those mood swings but we had to walk miles with our equipment in dock martins to shoot it so we hope the scene rocks!”


Asked about their current influences during the making of the single, the band admits that although they have a very vast influence set for the two of them ranging in regular listening to rock, rap, pop, jazz, symphonic, punk, metal, reggae, trap, and a ton of other stuff they definitely had some influences during the writing of this and some current stuff they are into right now.

“In 2020 we knew we were looking to move more in the direction of a more pop focused side of pop punk but keeping our metal roots moving away from our indie start but didn’t know our direction yet.” – they continue.


“A huge influence at the time came from MGK’s release of “Tickets To My Downfall” and the aftermath of that on Pop Punk next wave stuff, Travis Barker collabs, etc. While we had been listening to rap, pop, and emo trap for some time now we hadn’t let it enter our Pop Punk roots yet and this music really inspired us on what we were “allowed” to do in our music which broke a lot of barrier for us. As love hate as some of the music has been received from our friends we love the new music and the old in the alt genres and are stoked on what’s happening right now in the scene.”

“At the time of writing this we were listening to this, The Front Bottoms, Post Malone, Nothing Nowhere, Gabriel Black, Iann Dior, Strurgill Simpson, POORSTACEY, Kennyhoopla, The Deftones, The Glorious Songs, NIC D, Knocked Loose, and much more to name a few when writing this. Currently we’ve been really into 93 Feet Of Smokes new record, 408, Magnolia Park, Oliver Tree, Fats’e, Counterparts, and getting prepped for some new Blink!”


“Broadwing continues making waves with relatable lyrics and captivating imagery” – New Scene Magazine

“Twenty One Pilots meets The Front Bottoms meets MGK.” – Stuart Irvine

“A strong fusion of styles, from Acoustic Rock, Alternative Hip-Hop, Trap, and Pop Punk” – Roadie Music

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