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Kenosha powerviolence duo LIVID premieres new album “Compiled Hatred”, share top bands worth a listen

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Clocking in at just under 16 minutes, “Compiled Hatred” by Kenosha powerviolence 2-piece LIVID continues to bring to life the band’s harsh, fast and loud sound that bridges hardcore, powerviolence and grind. For fans of Magrudergrind, Sex Prisoner, Harm Done, Weekend Nachos, Nails. Today, in our second feature for the band, we’re thrilled to give you the full stream of the record, along with LIVID’s special selection of  other heavy bands worth a check this gloomy autumn!

“Compiled Hatred” is the latest LP release from Kenosha, WI 2-piece powerviolence outfit LIVID, following up their debut “Life Is Pain, Life Is Shit” and a split with Mutilatred.

“We’re incredibly excited about Compiled Hatred. We’ve really honed in on carving out our sound here, and it’s our best writing yet in our opinions. Between taking our time writing these songs, Andy Nelson recording/mixing them, and Brad Boatright’s Mastering; we think this thing is pretty grotesque.” – comments drummer and vocalist Jacob Michaud.

The LP was mixed by Andy Nelson and mastered by Brad Boatright. The record is available now via Twelve Gauge Records.

Jacob sat down with us to give you his top picks for heavy bands of various styles that you might want to check out.

1. Mutilatred

We’ve previously released a split with Mutilatred because they’re the best dudes, with some of the most heavy music out there. The slams are relentless, in short song structure following the grinding death metal genre that they fall into. This band is insane.

2. World Peace

After touring the West Coast with them a couple of times, both as a two piece and a three piece, their drum and bass powerviolence sound is bad fucking ass. Big homies, bad ass riffs and blast beats.

3. Sex Prisoner

One of the few OG jock powerviolence bands around, both of us love this band. Still need to see them / hopefully play with them, but their vocals and song writing rules. More pv with fight riffs please.

4. Scalp

Played with these dudes in Orange County at one of their first shows, and I remember after listening to them how stoked I was to play the gig with them. Been hooked ever since. Definitely a band to listen to if you like extreme music, with a unique blend of death metal, grind, and hardcore. The homies.

5. Pains

Fellow Midwest grinders; Pains blends grind, metalcore and hints of hardcore to make a gross ass sound. Known these dudes forever, and their music still blows me away. This band is insane live, we love em.

6. Vermin Womb

Unrelenting grind. I love anything Ethan does, but Vermin Womb sounds like dying via car crash. Blast beats and dissonant guitars pair with massive vocals make this one my favorite grind bands around.

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