Southern Florida’s WHERE FEAR AND WEAPONS MEET have reformed with the band’s original members John Wylie (UNTIL THE END, MORNING AGAIN, CULTURE, Eulogy Recordings) and Jason Lederman (AGAINST ALL AUTHORITY, SHAI HULUD) and new members Larry Scott (Think Fast! Records), Chip Walbert (ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE, UNTIL THE END) and Chad Kishick from SHAI HULUD.

The new line-up will perform their first show at Bringin’ It Back For The Kids Fest on October 12th at Rocketown in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Expect a new material, as well!

Here’s the official Eulogy Recordings description:

Where Fear and Weapons Meet is a straight forward hardcore band from South Florida. The Weapon combines elements of old Sick Of It All and Madball with a modern bend, focused on powerful song structures and catchy sing-a-longs.

The Weapon began 5 years ago from the ashes of Florida legends, Morning Again. Guitarist John Wylie met up with drummer Jason Lederman with the sole intention of playing real hardcore, something that has been M.I.A. for the last few years. The Weapon is now rounded out by original vocalist, Alex Roundhouse, bassist Jesse Beer, and Chip Walbert. The members of the Weapon have been a part of Morning Again, Culture, Until The End, Against All Authority, Destro, Keepsake, and many more.

The Weapon is back after a 2-year hiatus, which saw the members working on different projects. Recently, they all saw fit to get back together and continue working the floors. Chip works at Blockbuster and as a Roller Skating rink DJ, and has done so for the past 6 years.

Revelation records adds:

Traditional, fun, catchy hardcore. Been done before? Sure. Being done now? Yup. But, how many do it well and can really write great songs? Enter Where Fear And Weapons Meet.

Although their lyrics are positive, the band tries to shy away from messages and politics. Instead, they concentrate on writing songs that they enjoy playing. Where Fear And Weapons Meet wear their influences on their sleeve as their sound is similar to that of 7 Seconds, Sick Of All, and Dag Nasty. “We grew up listening to cool bands that played powerful, tight, fast, hardcore” says drummer Jason, “No technical stuff. That’s what Where Fear And Weapons Meet is all about”.


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