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WHOOP-Szo’s double album “Qallunaat/Odemin” streaming online

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Ok, now it’s time to go a bit more experimental and sophisticated :) “Qallunaat/Odemin” is a project that initially started while the members of WHOOP-SZO were running a screen-printing program for Inuit youth. Every record has it’s own set of challenges, but this location definitely created a different set of obstacles. When it’s -50 you can’t just go outside to take a break. You can’t run to the nearest music store if your patch chord stops working. Even the swapping of music files can be tedious when an internet connection barely exists.

The conditions created a record full of rabbit holes, blasts of noise, and weirdly infectious melodies. The records strange origins make Qallunaat and Odemin completely unique pieces of music. An album that sounds intermittently like cabin fever.

The official word says it all :) Dive into this amazing collaboration between the band, the Ontario Arts Council and Inuit youth right here:

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