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Wild synapses: the transatlantic punk union of JODIE FASTER and CORRUPT VISION

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In a world that often categorizes and shelves art and music into neatly defined compartments, the commingling of Jodie Faster and Corrupt Vision on a split 7″ record is a vibrant reminder of the rebellious heart that still beats at the core of the punk scene. Scheduled to drop on November 24th, 2023, this joint venture is a resolute march of transatlantic punk unity, offering a condensed but unyielding expression of the genre’s living ethos.

Orange County’s Corrupt Vision brings to the table a distinctive fusion they’ve coined “AntiSka,” an amalgamation of skacore upstrokes and powerviolence breakdowns that has them standing out in the crowded punk arena.

The high school best friends turned No Time Records founders, Tommy “Thqmas” Smith and Fern Aguilar, have shepherded their band through lineup transformations to emerge as a formidable five-piece, drawing comparisons to Pig Destroyer and Choking Victim.

Their portion of the split promises to be raw and unfiltered, grappling with subjects from the rise of fascism to outspoken support for trans and queer identities.

Meanwhile, hailing from the cobblestone streets of Lille, France, IDIOTEQ-featured Jodie Faster speeds into the fray.

Since their formation in late 2016, this quartet has been a blistering force, articulating the pains of growing up and the frustration of facing bigotry through their music. Their lyrical sprints are a breathless ride through personal and political landscapes, delivering songs that resonate with anyone who has ever felt the sting of life’s rapid punches.

Both bands are no strangers to the stage or the road, with histories of tours, festival appearances, and the shared experience of a Southern California tour that sowed the seeds for this collaboration.

It’s fitting that the artwork accompanying this raw outpouring of music comes from Christian Hell of Hong Kong Fuck You, a visual echo of the intense and frenzied nature of the tracks contained within.


Listeners have the chance to preview a piece of this unfettered sonic assault with two tracks available for streaming, an appetizer for the full experience.

As for live encounters, Corrupt Vision is slated to tour the Southwestern United States in the Winter of 2023/2024 and Europe in the Spring of 2024, promising a series of shows that will undoubtedly leave a lasting imprint.

In a scene that thrives on authenticity and unapologetic expression, this split release is not just a record—it’s a testament to punk’s enduring ability to connect across continents and cultures.

Each band delivers a raw slice of their essence, compressed into a run time that might be brief but is certainly not lacking in impact. These eight tracks, clocking in at under four and a half minutes, offer a glimpse into the urgent, pulsing heart of modern hardcore punk—a fleeting but indelible mark on the listener’s consciousness.

The record stands as a cooperative international effort, with No Time Records, TNSRecords, Don’t Trust The Hype Recordz, and Loner Cult Records each contributing to bring this aural manifesto to pressing plants and, eventually, to the hands of those who find solace, solidarity, and maybe even a spark of rebellion, in the honest chaos of punk music.

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