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WISDOM IN CHAINS premiere new track “Richie’s Revenge”

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Underground hardcore icons WISDOM IN CHAINS face off with the ultra hyped Sharp/Shock for the ultimate hardcore/pop punk split, out on September 11th. Each band shreds a fresh original and then cues up on their own handpicked cover. Wisdom In Chains uncovers the glory of the ultra obscure Epoxies, while Sharp/Shock celebrates a classic hit from the legendary Buzzcocks.

We’ve now unveiled Side A opener “Richie’s Revenge” from Wisdom In Chains. The track showcases the band’s trademark PA Hardcore sound while remaining as relevant and timeless as ever.

The Wisdom In Chains / Sharp/Shock split EP will be available physically and digitally on September 11th from Fast Break! Records. Pre-orders are available now and new music from Sharp/Shock will arrive soon.

Track Listing:

1. Need More Time (Wisdom in Chains)
2. Richie’s Revenge (Wisdom in Chains, originally performed by The Epoxies)
3. The Ploy in Employment (Sharp/Shock)
4. Ever Fallen In Love (Sharp/Shock, originally performed by The Buzzcocks)

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