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WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM uncovers “Crypt of Ancestral Knowledge”

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Fresh from the forges of the American Black Metal arena, the iconic act Wolves in the Throne Room have graced the world with their latest EP, Crypt of Ancestral Knowledge.

Released today, this audacious compilation continues the band’s exploration of cinematic black metal and introduces fans to nuances of dark acoustic folk. The revelation doesn’t end there; the EP ventures further into atmospheric industrial terrains, unveiling darker sonic tapestries.

The journey commences with “Beholden to Clan”, a formidable dose of Symphonic Black Metal. Guitarist Kody Keyworth transports listeners on a voyage to a sacred mountain’s pinnacle, offering an ode to the sacrificed king’s cycle of rebirth and the ancestral rites that mark this transcendence. In Keyworth’s words, “It’s a wild trip. Hail Othila!”

But the expedition doesn’t wane. “Twin Mouthed Spring” unravels next, boasting of vocals and acoustic guitar performed by the band’s original drummer, Cedar Serpent.

Having returned to the limelight after a lengthy hiatus, Cedar’s contribution tugs at the ancient strings of Celtic Mythology, reshaping and reinventing its themes.

However, side B heralds a shift in mood. “Initiates of the White Hart” serves an Atmospheric Industrial reimagining of “Spirit of Lightning”, immersing listeners in its dark psychedelic embrace.

Crown of Stone” ties the EP together, its dark ambient notes resonating with “Mountain Magic” from their 2021 album, Primordial Arcana.

As if this wasn’t enough to satiate the fans, Wolves in the Throne Room kick off their North America Headline Tour tonight. Crypt of Ancestral Knowledge is not just an EP; it’s an invitation – to journey, to explore, and to partake in a sonic ritual.


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