xREPENTANCEx debuts a new track!

xREPETANCEx is a new vegan straight edge metal band from the UK. They have just premiered a new track off their upcoming release, due out soon via their new label Atonement Records.


Born into attrition
This cross is my escape
A mark against the world
A push against the grain

So many lives lay broken
So many lives in chains
Scorched earth, eternal rape
Apocalypse lies in our wake

For every life enslaved, for every fallen tree,
For every force fed lie, I’ll keep my conscience free

This hell of our own making
Adrift on a blood red sea
The opiate of the masses
In love with our disease

Angels of absolution
Guardians of covenant
Angels of absolution
The few behind the mask

This mark of my resistance
Pledged allegiance to the grave
To strike with righteous vengeance
With anger and disdain

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