YAKUZA record new album and plan documentary release

This past Sunday (May 6th), YAKUZA went back to the studio to begin the recording process of their new album for Profound Lore, with Sanford Parker producing it.

Band leader Bruce Lamont comments:

There is one common thread in Yakuza records – we thrive on VARIETY. We try to go to places we’ve never gone before and create open space – being experimental so to speak, but we still have a love for a good melody. Sanford is a big help bringing the sounds together.

Lyrical themes focus on life and death, the light and the dark. Our last record was a reaction, somewhat of a warning call for what has been happening globally and spiritually but not in a religious sense.

This album is the aftermath, the balance between the light and the dark. And as dark as it gets, there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

The band also has a documentary in the works called “Be That as It May: Yakuza’s Seismic Consequence” with director Justin Baron at the helm. Funding is currently being sought to finish the project, with more details available at Kickstarter.

YAKUZA live:

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