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YNICORNS release new EP

YNICORNS is set to release a new collection of songs written and recorded in 2013 that were shelved until August 1st, 2015 for release.  The sophomore EP from the solo post-rock project of Doug Stanford features four songs of dreams and nostalgia, from a time before the birth of his son and the loss of a close family member.
“When I wrote these songs I thought they were going to be the first LP, the essence of what this project was about.  As my writing evolved and I got sidetracked with ‘Falling and Fell,’ these songs got put on hold and I realize now, as I’m working on new material for a full length, they are their own thing.  They take me back to a year I didn’t realize was going to precede a lot of major changes in my life and, as I worked through mixing them for this release, I found new poignancy and perspective in the layers of textures and guitars.”
“Before We Knew Love and Loss” captures the glitch and IDM influence of Cex, Enabl.ed, Altered Tensions, and more, most notably in We Laid in Cool Grass as Satellites Streaked the Summer Sky.  The songs were written without consideration for live performance or conventional phrasing.  The drums were sampled from a personally circuit bent Alesis HR-16 and individually glitched incredibly inefficiently in Pro Tools.
This album is best experienced at crushing volume driving down your most rural road on a clear night.


Photo by Birch Fields

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