YUSUKE – “Yusuke” [EP] (2016)



Surprise album release and emotional moment of the day.

These are the last 5 tracks we recorded as a band and the last thing we will be releasing. We recorded these 2 years ago for an intended split with Tentacles (who still rules) that ended up turning into an EP. It’s been unreal playing for everyone over the past few years, and we really hope you guys dig this! We really put everything we had into this one and made it our most diverse, crushing, and emotional release yet. <3

There will be limited copies of our whole discography (including these tracks and some other bonus tracks y’all haven’t heard yet) courtesy of Olin at Friendly Otter Records, followed by a run of tapes with the regular album art by Friendly Otter and Zegema Beach Records. We’ll have these at our LAST SHOW EVER this Sunday at Discontent Fest 2016. Please, please try to make it out and see all the other awesome bands playing and maybe drop by and say what’s up to us!

Thanks again to anyone who ever came out and saw us, bought a record (or crewneck) from us, ate hard-boiled eggs with us, moshed with Tony, said cheers to Ryan, got stoked about deathcore with Matt, or snapchatted dog pictures with Tyler. This has been a highlight of all of our lives and it comes with a heavy heart to see it go like this.

We’ll be releasing these tracks on a 7″ via Friendly Otter and Zegema Beach in the coming months, so watch out for that too.

Love you all! <3 <3 <3 <3


PS: We’ll see you weenies in the pit

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