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Zegema Beach Records unleashes ZBR Fest Wrap-Up Live Video

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Zegema Beach Records Fest has delivered an astonishing nearly two-hour-long video compilation, capturing the blistering performances of various screamo bands. Let’s dive into the details of these exciting developments. Clocking in at almost two hours, the footage features an impressive lineup of bands that set stages ablaze with their intense and cathartic performances.

From Closet Witch and Jeromes Dream to Black Matter Device and Gillian Carter, this compilation is a treasure trove for fans of screamo.

Meanwhile, Zegema Beach Records and Tomb Tree Tapes have an exciting roster of releases on the horizon.

Check it out below.

ZBR Full lineup

On June 1st, ZBR will unleash OLTH, a New York-based emo-violence powerhouse. Anticipation is high for this release, with early comparisons to the groundbreaking work of Senza and Nuvolascura.

OLTH‘s destructive power will be unleashed through 125 tapes, ensuring that fans can experience the full force of their music. For a taste of what’s to come, the music video for “screamO sucks” is already available for viewing.

June 9th marks the release of NUVOLASCURA’s third run of LP1 and second run of LP2 cassettes. These releases demonstrate why NUVOLASCURA is considered one of the finest screamo bands of our time, with their unparalleled technicality and emotional depth. The band’s European tour is imminent, making this the perfect time to dive into their self-titled LP and “As We Suffer From Memory and Imagination.” Both albums are available on Bandcamp, offering a free sample of their astonishing talent.

On June 16th, fans can look forward to the second run of NHOMME‘s tapes. This three-piece wonder from Japan combines math-rock and screamo in a truly captivating hybrid. The initial run of 50 tapes quickly sold out, prompting the label to release another 50 copies encased in recycled paper o-cards with mesmerizing swirl designs. To witness the process of creating these tapes, check out the mesmerizing video showcasing their production.

Lastly, on June 19th, In Loving Memory will release a remixed and remastered cassette edition of their album “As Years Pass And Feel Like Seconds.” Originally recorded 20 years ago, this influential work has been revitalized, and the band is back in action with new material on the horizon. While the physical tapes are on their way and eagerly awaited, listeners can already immerse themselves in the WAV album available in the drive folder.

With ZBR Fest’s electrifying live video compilation and the exciting releases from Zegema Beach Records and Tomb Tree Tapes, the world of screamo and punk music is buzzing with anticipation. The devotion and passion exhibited by these labels and bands continue to push the boundaries of the genre, ensuring that fans have a constant supply of groundbreaking music. Prepare to be swept away by the intensity and creativity of these releases, as they solidify the legacy of screamo and inspire future generations of musicians and listeners alike.

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