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ZLODZIEJE ROWEROW documentary out in November!

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“Punk Rock wedlug Złodziei Rowerow”, a 100% DIY documentary about the legendary Polish hardcore punk band ZLODZIEJE ROWEROW, will be premiered in Forum Cinema in Bialystok, Poland on November 8, 2012. Produced by Studio Ulica, the official trailer for the movie is available at this location (embedding has been disabled).

Zambrow, Poland’s leading punk act performed live for the last time on December 18th, 2010 at CDQ in Warsaw, Poland. They’ve been active for 17 years. One of our biggest dreams is to see their live again in 2013, which marks the 20th anniversary of ZLODZIEJE ROWEROW.


Maximum RockNRoll reviews:


Normally mid-paced, melodic, and slightly metallic hardcore – metallic in a clean riff sort of way and not a thrash or sludgy sense – like REMISSION or ONE STEP AHEAD or later period VERBAL ASSAULT, doesn’t really do it for me, but for some reason I’m totally digging the way these guys lay it down. Maybe it’s because these Poles do it right. Or maybe it’s because all the straight up hardcore, as much as I love it, is starting to sound tiring and predictable. I mean, when this type of stuff was originally coming out in the early ’90s it was a response to all the late ’80s hardcore that was getting repetitive and stale. And now the cycle repeats. The best part is ZLODZIEJE ROWEROW has been around since ’93, so their approach is the real thing, and not some lame retro attempt. Outside of the great guitar work and solid rhythm section, the lyrics on this three-track EP are poetic and insightful, falling between positive optimism and melancholy, and sung with heart (English translations are thankfully provided). One of the songs is a bittersweet realization that the band is coming to an end, and that’s got to be a pretty profound feeling after almost twenty years. Another is the longstanding frustration and puzzlement of what happens to people’s beliefs as they get older. I suppose this is the last record by this group, which is too bad cause they’re amazing.
(Bob Goldie, “Maximum Rocknroll” #337, USA)


Honestly, this reminds me of a more Euro-squat orientated FALLING FORWARD, or a more chuggy emo rocked out LIFE… BUT HOW TO LIVE IT. So yes, it’s chuggy yet melodic emo rock that sounds like something kids in big shorts and Art Monk Construction t-shirts would have made in 1995. There is a definite political hardcore edge; this band is not kids whining about how sad their feelings are. From the liner notes I can deduce that they were actually from the late ’90s, so my aforementioned assumptions are not too far off. The vocals are passionate, spoken/intoned in places, sometimes there are female back ups. The lyrics are politically charged, somewhat philiosophical covering the meaning of home, and how race and class cut in for some amongst other more introspective ruminations. This is a double LP, beautifully put together and represents it’s time in the evolution of hardcore. Is it something you would be intrigued by though??
(Layla Gibbon, “Maximum Rocknroll” #337, USA)

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