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“Premonition” – London progressive instrumental architects CREVASSIAN premiere new track

Premonition, the debut single from CREVASSIAN, a noteworthy four piece instrumental progressive metal outfit from London, UK, features syncopated rhythms and down tuned 7 string guitars, but is more importantly underpinned by a big focus on creating euphoric and cathartic moods through uplifting melodies and adventurous, climactic arrangements. These guys set themselves apart with a uniquely atmospheric, dynamic and organic approach, taking big hints from the sounds of post rock/metal, and standing as one of the most forward-thinking progressive metal debuts this year. Mixed and mastered by Aure Pereira (ex UNEVEN STRUCTURE), “Premonition” can be checked out below.

The band’s drummer Nick Povey commented:

CREVASSIAN is about bringing something new to progressive metal, a genre which should, naturally, keep pushing the boundaries and limits of itself. What we’re trying to do is bring the atmosphere and mood of post rock into the world of tech metal. In the last few years there have been lots of bands taking that foundation of tech and building upon it in their own unique way, and this is what CREVASSIAN are doing too.

This combination was the basic idea that started the band, originally between me (drummer) and James (rhythm guitarist, also of Tidebinder), but then we found Luke and George (bassist and lead guitarist, ex Hands of a Savior) which is where the whole thing really took shape. You can hear that with the low end providing the groundwork and the melodies tying everything together on top.

The last piece to the puzzle for this track was working with some really talented people that we really look up to. The drums were engineered by Mike Malyan (DispersE, ex Monuments/Algorithm) and the song was mixed and mastered by Aure Pereira, largely responsible for the Uneven Structure album Februus, which has been another inspiration.

CREVASSIAN is: Nick Povey (drummer), James Humphries (rhythm guitar), Luke Fabian (bass) and George Owen (lead guitar).

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