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10 Best Disappointments of 2012

Over the years of seeing the same ‘Best of’ lists, that all include the same records each year, Craig from I AM SHARK (a management firm with a small roster of Western Pennsylvania) really wanted to put something a little different together and show a more pessimistic side to match his increasingly bad attitude during the Christmas season! Hence his 10 Best Disappointments of 2012, enjoy!

– At The Drive-In’s Coachella reunion performance.
– My Furby is not worth $300 yet.
– The announcement of Star Wars Episode 7 in the making.
– 10 minutes later, when I realize i’m alright with an Episode 7.
– Peach Sprite has not been bottled or canned yet.
– Listening to Under The Soil And Dirt everyday for the last year and then missing The Story So Far’s entire set by 10 minutes.
– The price of Pabst Blue Ribbon continues to inflate.
– Bane’s voice in The Dark Knight Rises.
– The technology does not yet exist to make a Notorious BIG hologram in real size…

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