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10 Danish metal/hardcore bands you should know

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What a better way to taste the Danish underground metal and hardcore scene than by asking our insiders to share their perspective? Well, thankfully we have featured a bunch of great local acts from Copenhagen and other Danish cities and you don’t have to struggle and do your desk reseach yourself.

Our today’s guests, Fredericia based metallic hardcore band LIFESICK, sat down with us and put together their top 10 list of Danish bands they like and admire.

Three years after the release of their previous record ‘Swept In Black’, the band is back with their third studio album ‘Misanthropy’ out February 11th, 2022 via Isolation Records. You can learn more about it HERE.

Top 10 Danish bands you should listen to right now!

Some of these bands are our good and close friends through many years, and some of them are just bands we admire and see a huge potential and inspiration in. We think it could be fun to show the metal/hardcore underground scene what great bands Denmark has to offer. Some might be well known, while others really need your attention. – Lifesick

1. Cabal


These guys have been our good friends throughout many years. What I admire about this band, is their ways to keep pushing and evolving themselves, and throughout their process of getting bigger they aren’t afraid to help out others on their way. Big ups to this band!

2. Rot Away

Metallic Hardcore

Another band with good friends of ours. Rot Away is a rather new band, and one of the few hardcore bands In Denmark right now. All of the members have great experience from previous bands, and knows how to do it. Crazy intense live shows! And crazy intense riffing! Definitely a new and fresh touch to the hardcore scene.

3. Deadnate

Progressive metal

Young guys from our hometown. Really talented and ambitious. They recently released a new album, which is by far the best thing they have written. There is a little bit of everything in there, and I am sure most people would like this genre, since they embrace many different styles, in a very smart and unique way. Gorija, but better!


Post-apocalyptic sludge

The mastermind right now! These people are unique in every way. Also a band with huge experiences from past musical projects. I am not even sure about the genre, but it’s an experience. Keep an eye out for these guys!


Mathcore / hardcore

Eyes is a very talented hardcore band, that mixes a lot of different styles of music in a new and more intense way! Such good guys, that aren’t afraid of trying out new things. They have this almost artsy a pure image, which just makes the music sound even more intense. Listen to their songs, watch their videos and go to their live shows, you won’t be disappointed or borred for that sake! I am pretty sure that a non-metal person would find this band interesting too.

6. Slægt

Blackened heavy metal

I saw these guys live back in our hometown a few years ago, and was blown away. They clearly have their own style and unique ways of doing this, both sound-wise and image-wise. A super active bands, that keeps evolving themselves. They mix black metal, and death in an almost rock’n’roll kind of way. If you like their albums, then just wait until you see them live.

7. Phrenelith

Disgusting Death Metal

I recently heard about this band, and haven’t listened to anything else since. They have been around for a few years, and played tons of shows here and there. They definitely needs more attention in the death metal scene! Such an inspiration when it comes to riffs, and sound.

8. Violence

Dream Pop

Violence is a new band, from Copenhagen. They are definitely the softest band in this top 10 list. These guys all have a metal/hardcore/rock music background, and we have toured with some of the guys in a previous band. But recently they decided to go different ways, which I admire so much. We will even be playing a few shows with them, which is awesome. Pop and metal shows are something we need to see more! When your ears are tired, you can relax to their ambient and epic wall of soft sounds!

9. Riverhead

Post hardcore / Screamo

Riverhead is a all-star teamed band, with 4 experienced guys from bands like (Hatesphere, As We Fight, Halshug and tons of other bands). They haven’t released that much yet, and recently got Jacob Bredahl on vocals (Producer/engineer on all our records) – I have heard sound bits of their new songs, and it’s very well written and composed. Music with a lot of feelings! Touche Amore, meets blacklisted.

10. Orm

Epic Black Metal

Orm is a much-underrated band, in my opinion. We have known these guys throughout many years, from previous bands and so on. They are extremely talented, and have a fresh touch to the black metal genre. Just epic songs, and such a tight live band. Listen to their songs and get blown away!

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