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Sludgy punk rockers DA BEUMB PROJECT share influences behind new album “Fairly Consistent”

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Fresh off the release of their fifth album “Fairly Consistent“, recorded, mixed and mastered by Topon Das (Fuck the Facts), at Apartment 2 Recording in Ottawa, Montréal’s DA BEUMB PROJECT join us with a special into their rawdy mixture of grungy rock, punk rock and sludge metal.

DA BEUMB PROJECT have been around for 10 years now, but members of the band have been friends for almost 30 years. “Our main influences are pretty classic, covering bands like Black Flag, Nirvana, Hüsker Dü, Big Black, Melvins, Fugazi and Helmet.” – they admit.

“There’s certain albums that we absolutely agree on, like Mclusky Do Dallas (Mclusky), Audit In Progress (Hot Snakes) and Over The Edge (Wipers). More recently, the albums we bonded over the most are probably Light Up Gold (Parquet Courts) and Joy As An Act Of Resistance (Idles).”

We asked the band to share more influences and we’ve got a nice list that will keep your creative jusices going. The band shared their picks for top 10 songs from the past decade, that in one way or another helped shape them individually as musicians or simply kicked them in the face when they first heard them. “Whether you hear the influence of these songs directly in our music or not, they were a huge inspiration and drove us creatively.”. Scroll down to see the full list!

Fairly Consistent” album was written in sequence. The band wrote the first song Rats is Rats at the first jam they had right after recording their previous album Armwell to Farms. “After we had ‘Rats’ in the can, we knew another album was unavoidable.” – they say. “Every song after that one came out of a feeling of wanting to explore different variations of our sound and usual song structures. With so many influences and a shared love of music, there’s always a sick groove, weird pattern or odd time signature that we want to try.”

For the writing, DA BEUMB PROJECT never structure their music in terms of what a song needs. “It’s more of about the feeling we get while playing it.” – they admit. “That probably explains why most of our songs are on the shorter side. We don’t believe in overplaying a chorus or adding a bridge just for the sake of it. Sometimes songs that drag, are a drag. So for example, if we’re playing a song and we feel like 37 seconds of it is enough, you get Something about that day.

Before a song becomes a song, we like to jam and record riffs, patterns or ideas and then figure out how they can go together. Kind of like composing a Frankenstein’s monster of a song. But, it’s not always the case, not everything is a puzzle and some tracks are very straightforward, like I want it.

The album was recorded the album at Apartment 2 Recording in Ottawa, Ontario, the same place the band did the last record. Once again, it was recorded, mixed and mastered by Topon Das (from the grindcore band Fuck the Facts).

“We recorded all the songs live off the floor in 2 days.” – continues the band. “Meaning we played each song a bunch of times and chose the best take. One time, I remember asking Topon after a take ‘Hey, how was that one?’, he simply said ‘it’s fairly consistent’. At that time, we had another title in mind for the album. But when he answered that, we both knew those two words HAD to be on the cover.”

“We hold mild self-deprecation in very high regard. We recorded all the music in one day, then did all the vocals the following day. We did them all in order and you can actually hear the main vocals giving up a little bit towards the end of the album, on Leave it. We usually have one rule and that’s to ‘record songs as you would play them live’. But for this release, we cheated a little bit and added an overdub or two and even some keyboards, like in the song Father’s Day.”

Lyrically, the band revealed that most of this album came from the need to vent and to find a way to discard their current frustrations. “But as the album progressed, it quickly became more of a way to accept that some people are disappointing and that we just have to deal with it; rats is rats as we say. Also, some songs are just about getting older and having to deal with heartburn, like in R.O.C.

“We’re incredibly proud of this record, so much so that we’re selfreleasing this one on a limited edition red vinyl.” – they conclude. “So, get yours now. The album has everything we love and all that we have come to do best: sludgy strings, raucous rhythms, heavy fuzz, call and response vocals, stoner/doom metal riffs, all wrapped in a nice punk rock package. Also, we’re available for children’s parties. Beumbs away!”

Top 10 Influential Songs, by DA BEUMB PROJECT:

Patrick (drums, vocals):

1 – The Reason They Hate Me (Daughters)

From the opening notes, this song kicked me right in the face. The sounds, the melody, the weird timings, it was almost like nothing I had heard before. Then the lyrics kicked in “don’t tell me how to do my job, you carry on like a son of a bitch”. I rest my case.

2 – Sooey Pig (Cherubs)

I was late to the Cherubs party and was only introduced to this band a couple of years ago (right before they released Immaculada High), when a buddy of mine recommended their album Heroin Man. I couldn’t believe how good they were. This song is crushing, chaotic and melodic all at once. High art.

3 – Grey Garden (Windhand)

Slow, haunting and doomy as fuck. How can something so heavy be so soothing at the same time? Beautiful song.

4 – Acetate (Metz)

This band is firing on all cylinders. That bass tone is sick. It’s a loud song, it’s noisy and it’s just great.

5 – Pleine Noirçeur (Fuck The Facts)

This song came out about 6 weeks before we recorded our album. I was never into grindcore, but I was instantly hooked by this track. The riffs, the song structure, the blast beats, the lyrics… This is some serious songwriting. The whole album is perfection.

Ludovic (bass, vocals):

6 – Glass Boys (Fucked Up)

It’s probably one of the songs that puts me in such a state of melancholy. It reminds me of all that was and yet to come but will inevitably leave me behind. In my opinion, it is one of the most beautiful punk songs.

7 – Watch Your Back (The Coathangers)

The title tells you all that you need to know. Starting with a great riff and a kick ass beat. When I hear this song I feel like it’s time to go head stomping and not stop for anyone.

8 – more skin for the skin-eaters (Christian Fitness)

I think I can speak for the two of us, when I say that Andrew Falkous is by far our favorite songwriter. The brilliance of his lyrics are simply outstanding and what he does with Christian Fitness is no different from Future of the Left or Mclusky. It just kicks ass and I can’t stop loving it.

9 – I’m Scum (Idles)

What isn’t there to love about this aggressive, punk as fuck band with a social conscience? It always makes me chuckle to hear their songs and see how inclusive they are. Probably one of my favorite bands from the past decade and I can’t wait to hear how they’ll continue to grow as a band.

10 – As The Moon Sets (We Are Wolves)

It’s the kind of song that makes me stop whatever I’m doing and just want to take the time to enjoy it. Just drop everything and be there.

*Other bands from Montreal we recommend you check out:

– The Great Sabatini:

Their last album Goodbye Audio is awesome. It sounds huge. The song You’re gonna die (unsatisfied) has a crushing outro.

– Fuck Toute:

These guys just released a new album (Coké Computer) and it’s heavy as fuck. Plus, they titled one of their songs Jon Bovi. What’s not to like? Check ‘em out now.  

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