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156/SILENCE drops one of the summer’s most explosive hardcore/metal albums “Narrative”

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Pittsburgh’s 156/SILENCE have just released one of the summer’s most explosive hardcore/metal albums, “Narrative”. Out Now via SharpTone Records, the band’s 3rd full-length album is an evolution of heavy music as the band pushes the barriers of their sound further than ever before. As heavy riffs collide with brooding synth and frantic, volatile vocals, the band explores new territory, offering a fresh take on modern metal music.

Guitarist Jimmy Howell says of the album: “‘Narrative‘ to me is our most cohesive album to date and I’m extremely proud of what we’ve created. It was written almost directly after ‘Irrational Pull’ during the pandemic during a time where we didn’t know what the future of this band would be. We just wanted to experiment and write something different than what we had done before”.

The band has released a new video for the song “If Pleasure’s Gone”, which complete’s the trilogy of videos that also includes “A Past Embrace” and “For All To Blame”.

156 Silence

Commenting on “If Pleasure’s Gone”, Howell says: “‘If Pleasures Gone’ is one of the more fun songs on the record. We’ve been playing this one live for a while, debuting it almost a year ago at this point. Never get tired of playing this one and the flow is just perfect for a live setting”. Vocalist Jack Murray, speaks to the meaning behind the song: “‘If pleasure’s gone, I’ll make my own fun.’ If this is how things are and will be then might as well make the best of it. Like one last cigarette in a burning corn maze. It’s the little things.”

Narrative” is available now from SharpTone Records. Purchase and stream it here.

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