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4 Swedish underground bands to watch – DULL unveils subjective list and new single “Taking Notes”

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The Stockholm-based band DULL is making waves with their latest single “Taking Notes,” a precursor to their eagerly awaited EP “Push,” set to drop in April. Known for their feverish guitars, obscure melodies, and roaring rhythms, DULL has quickly become a significant name in the Swedish underground scene. Their debut album, “Dive Deep Down,” released in 2023, not only garnered widespread acclaim but also secured them the “Best Punk” title at the Swedish indie awards, Manifestgalan.

“Taking Notes” stands out for its candid lyrical content, addressing the absurdities uttered or done by some men, with its opening lines vividly illustrating the band’s unapologetic stance.

This track reflects the band’s evolution, maintaining the raw energy and intensity that define their music while pushing into new, even more, compelling territory. Canan Rosén, the band’s guitarist and vocalist, humorously suggests that the song reveals how effortlessly one could turn such ludicrous male behaviors into a book.

With the single released on March 21 through Startracks and the EP “Push” coming soon, DULL—comprising Canan Rosén, Louise Erdman, Daniel Pilsäter, and Elias Jonsson— have teamed up with us to give you a curated list of Swedish underground bands deserving wider recognition, signaling their support and camaraderie within the scene.

Check it out below.

DULL by Joakim Eklöf
DULL by Joakim Eklöf

Sticky Baby

My first encounter with Sticky Baby was a year ago playing at the same fest and I was blown away. It was like they took me back to The Donnas’s Get Skintight era. Garage punk attitude cockiness bonanza. They just released their debut album Sticky Baby Forever. I suggest you go give it a spin immediately.


Our friends GHLOW just released their second album Levitate and it’s truly rowdy and slick at the same time. Fiery energy and pounding rhythms drive each song in a constant forward motion. Nikolay and Emille in GHLOW are a constant inspiration to me, whether it’s their sound, aesthetics or stage presence. I recommend listening to their song Radiate, the guitars are noisy perfection!

Size Up

Who in the whole world thought phaser on bass in a heavy hardcore band was a good idea? Somehow, it is. Coming out of the dead punk town Jönköping, Size Up brought it back with their ep Amphibian Bulldozer last year. Heavy hardcore has never been this cool.


We were invited to play with ULTRA LOVER earlier this year. And we love their destructive bass sound and carefree vocals. Their EP ABSOLUTE FUTURE was recorded on an old tape recorder, just like ours and the presence is unmistakable. We all agree they’re one of Stockholms best live acts right now. A sophisticated mash between, noise, grunge and punk.

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