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Danceable experimental rockers TWO-MAN GIANT SQUID dives into DJ culture satire with new single “I was a DJ in 2015”

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Brooklyn’s indie scene is buzzing again, this time with TWO-MAN GIANT SQUID’s new single “I was a DJ in 2015,” a rollicking ride down memory lane, back to when everyone and their dog claimed the title of DJ, armed with a MacBook and a dream.

Released under the banner of Mint 400 Records, this fun piece is a time capsule. Directed by Sam Blieden, the music video dropping on March 29th promises a visual feast, ripe with the band’s signature, self-deprecating humor.

Mitch Vinokur, the brains behind the operation, dishes the dirt on their latest creation, revealing, “I just had that opening line stuck in my head and sat down and built a song around it. I really was a DJ in 2015 and wanted to write about what it’s like to look back on that at this point in my life and laugh at myself a little.”

“Like many TMGS songs, it’s very tongue-in-cheek.” – he continues. “I wanted it to sound like being a DJ was this big traumatic experience that everyone had in 2015. We were all just searching for validation that our scene really mattered. It also romanticizes the idea that yeah, a trend comes along when you’re young and you want to hop on it just to feel part of something.”


The single isn’t just a retrospective chuckle over the DJ mania that gripped the 2010s; it’s a nod to the ephemeral nature of trends and the universal yearning to belong, packaged in TWO-MAN GIANT SQUID’s unmistakable style that will get you hooked instantly.

As we gear up for their third album’s release later this fall, still shrouded in mystery and anticipation, “I was a DJ in 2015” stands as another proof for the band’s ability to merge wit with melody.

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