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Dark screamo act CHARMED FORM premieres debut single “BCE”

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Born from the vibrant undercurrents of Chicago music scene and influenced by everything from contemporary Midwest skramz and screamo like meth. and Snag to black metal to slowcore and post-rock bands like The For Carnation, screamo / blackgaze trio CHARMED FORM stands on the shoulders of its members’ musical legacies.

Drummer Will Covert, known for his tenure with the emo powerhouse RUST RING, mellow and fuzzed out indie rock band TUM and the screamo stalwarts DROUGHTS, brings a seasoned vigor to the band’s rhythm section. Guitarist Tyler Mandich, having wielded his axe for the heavy post-rock band AU REVOIR, brings an East Coast ruggedness and intricacy to the group’s sound. Completing the trio is Nathan Schenck on bass and vocals, whose dual role in COMA REGALIA and as a recording engineer injects a raw, unfiltered energy into their music.

Their debut single, “BCE,” premiering right here, is a declaration of their formidable presence. Right from the get-go, “BCE” grips you with its ferocity and complexity, an unyielding journey through darkness and introspection.

As Schenck put it, “We recorded ‘BCE’ towards the end of 2023… in an homage to the raw recording style of Steve Albini, we recorded the song ‘live’ in a DIY studio.”

This approach captures the raw, unadulterated essence of their craft, blending blackgaze and skramz influences with a hint of Midwest noise rock for a finish that’s uniquely CHARMED FORM.

The track’s relentless energy, intricate time signature changes, and a wall of sound that envelops the listener demonstrate a band unafraid to push boundaries and explore the depths of their collective creativity.

Dark screamo act CHARMED FORM premieres debut single "BCE"

The band is in the process of finishing their debut full-length, to be released later this year, and starting to play shows in the Midwest and beyond later this spring and summer.

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