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4 tips to improve the sound at your home studio

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Good acoustic treatment is key to build a great home studio. There are plenty of options available on the market, so you can adjust the treatment to your budget. Here are some tips that will help you sound like a professional.

1. Choose the right acoustic panels

Do you need to absorb the sound or diffuse it? Acknowledge your problem and choose the acoustic treatment that is right for you.

Acoustic Panels can be divided into three groups:
• Sound Absorbers
• Acoustic Diffusers
• Hybrid sound-absorbing panels – use them to diffuse and absorb sound

2. Focus on the reflection points

Remember, that sound waves don’t vibrate in a straightforward direction. They go everywhere: to the floor, ceiling and the walls in your room. These are the reflection points you should focus on.

– Ceiling

Trust us, attaching an acoustic panel right above your head would make a huge improvement to the sound at your home studio. No need to worry about the mounting. On you can find high-quality self-adhesive basotects that will do the job.

– Floor
Avoid having a bare floor, as it creates an excessive echo. Cover as much of the floor as possible with a carpet or a rug.

– Sidewalls and front walls

Cover windows with curtains. Add Acoustic Panels, one on your right and one on your left side. Instead of using cheap acoustic foam which doesn’t cut the frequencies evenly, we recommend using sound absorbers made of high-density wool. They absorb low frequencies up to 80 Hz, and high frequencies. Moreover, they are visually pleasing and are easy to mount.

3. Use bass traps

Bass Traps are a must in any room where there is loud music played. The low-frequency sound waves are very long, and they can easily go through the walls. Save yourself the trouble with your neighbours and provide your home studio with one.

4. Say no to traditional acoustic foam

The times of cheap polyurethane acoustic foam (so-called ‘pyramids’) are long gone. Not only they have no effect on acoustic insulation, but they also are not recommended to be used alone. Using only foam-based polyurethane panels in the room will result in rumbling and bass ringing. If you want to use acoustic foam, use the one with a high density like Basotect. Basotect is an open-cell structure foam, which has a very high sound absorption coefficient and is great for acoustic insulation.

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