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5 female rockers in Nashville you’ve got to check out – by alt-metal hard rockers RAVINER

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Fresh off the release of their recent single “Mania”, independent alt-metal rock band RAVINER are joining us today to comment on their new work and give you some more inspirations and top underground Nashville rock acts worth a check!

Dubbed by Alt Press as “best unsigned band in TN”, RAVINER mixes elements of dark pop and cinematic rock and they just released their new single ‘MANIA’, along with a lyric video below.

‘The instrumentals are perfect to me, they’re big and catchy and the vocals really just amplify it to the next level.’ – Ghost Killer Entertainment

“In a lot of ways, Mania feels like an anthem or a war cry. It’s a call for truth, heart, and passion amid chaos, pain, and suffering.” – comments the band’s lead singer Kamber.

“The lyric in the second verse – “help me find my beating heart again” has been such a theme in my life personally for the past few years.” – she continues. “With an ever-shifting and chaotic world, it’s an urge to go within and find that anchoring. I think a lot of folks can relate to that right now.”

Raviner by Christian Linares
Raviner by Christian Linares

“I started writing Mania in 2018. It was a simple hook that I didn’t develop much other than that. Once I met Christian Nicks (Raviner’s drummer) in 2020, it was the first idea we began jamming on and developing. Piece by piece it grew from there. Jordan Armstrong (bass) wrote the second verse melody which incidentally is my favorite part of the song. It’s got a passion and a fire to it – we love it.”

Five female rockers in Nashville you’ve got to check out

Jamie Becker (Jay Rin) – Jamie is not only a talented musician and songwriter, but she has a unique style all her own. She’s got this blend of rockabilly meets soul meets Americana. Free spirited and wild in her energy but incredibly skilled in her craft. I’ve learned so much from her. It’s a blessing to call her a friend and a fellow artist in the Nashville scene.

Lauren Horbal – while Lauren is a drummer primarily, I had to include her on this list. She is a powerful and talented rock musician and artist. It’s been awesome getting to know her through the various shows we’ve played together.

One of her projects is Fame And Fiction.

Leilani Kilgore – her guitar playing is insane. I deeply admire her talent and craft for her songs and for her instrument.

Renee Phoenix from Fit for Rivals– another wildly talented band and artist. Her energy on stage is electric, and her band is solid as a rock.

Tonya LeeAnne from Lydia’s Castle – Tonya/ Lydia’s Castle is one of the hardest working bands in the Nashville scene right now. So much passion and fire on stage – it’s always a joy to work with them!

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