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Power To The People – Polish grindcore powerhouse HERIDA PROFUNDA premiere new single!

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A little over three weeks prior to the release of their upcoming second album “Power to the People”, due out July 22nd 2022 via 7 Degrees Records (Europe), 783 Punx (UK), Wise Grinds RecordsGive Praise Records & To Live a Lie (US), Polish grindcore band HERIDA PROFUNDA are joining us today to give you the first listening of the title track, the first song that they wrote for new album.

“Back then we didn’t even know it will be a title track.” – says the band. “It’s full of blastbeats, energy and aggression and it give us a good prediction on what direction we want to go with new album.”

Power to the People” has been firmly built over the columns and foundations of grind and crust punk, and it captures the band’s collective frustrations and personal journeys through these turbulent times. An album that showcases the band sounding tighter than ever before. An overdose of gut-wrenching grindcore which is heavy, engrossing and undoubtedly brutal.

“It took us ages to write the new album and then, even longer to record it.” – details Herida Profunda. “During that time, we’ve been witnessing changes that ruling party in Poland are imposing on normal people, silent acceptance for extreme right, Polish women stripped from their basic rights, takeover of national TV to spread propaganda. The title, as well as lot of lyrical content is a comment to this situation. We have always been a band with a political message, but maybe the way to win the struggle is to cut off all political content, self-organise, resist, do your own thing, build your own world where justice is served and the machine of corruption and suffering collapse. Fire To Parliament! Power to The People!”.

Herida Profunda! band

Asked about some more details behind the track and the content behind their new record, the band shared some more details throught the commentary below.

“What’s the point of talking about global warming if government’s doing shit-all about it? What’s the point in setting 0 emission targets if all of them are far behind their goals with implementing them?? Etc. etc.”

“As I write this, there are railway workers strikes across UK – huge disruption to public transport, trains are being cancelled. Obviously, public is frustrated. Media are suggesting that standard railway worker is greedy and / or overpaid … No one speaks about job cuts, 0% pay raise for several years in the row, unsafe conditions, longer working hours and many more factors. At the same time: top management staff is earning between £150k – £1.5milion per year…”

“This is just few examples of how government is fucking us over every single day – unfortunately – list is endless…”

““Power To The People” is a response to that: self-organise, resist and fight back! Every government is an enemy of the citizen !!!” – concludes the band.


No more lies
No thievery
Fuck your promises and fuck your authority
In democratic state of fear.

No more lies
No thievery
Your words mean shit to me
Molotov cocktails in our hands
Fire to parliament

Fire to parliament
Power to the people

People and environment
Have never been your concern
Dignity is not your concern
All you care is your fucking wealth

Fire to parliament
Power to the people
Fire to parliament
We want the justice to be finally served


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